College Grads can’t do basic math and/or read

In a sad study, it was found that majority of college graduates are unable to balance a check book or read and comprehend a book at the college level. Wasn’t that the point of spending all that money? If they didn’t learn how to do that, then what were they doing all those years?

In these surprising studies you will find that most college students graduate with very little to show for all those years, supposedly studying. If a college student is unable to balance their checking account then how are the expected to manage finances for a family? On the other issue if the don’t know how to read and break down the meaning of what an author wrote then how are they expected to understand and agree to terms in a legal contract?

The consequences for all this will effect society in ways that are not positive.

College freshmen flunk financial literacy 101

Shocking Study

Can’t Balance a Check Book

Full Study Report

College Grads Suffer from basic skills

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