What you study is more important than the name

Now they are saying that what you study in college is more important than the name of the university. In a not-surprising study going to school to learn a valuable skill is more important than hoping the name of your school gets you a job.

The illusion for so many high school students is if only they can get into an Ivy league school then all their job finding problems afterwards will be solved. That way of thinking is very outdated and no longer applies. The only way any student will have a job after they graduate from school is that they have a network they established in college, in which case the Ivy-league students majority all came from families with money and connections. They grew up in homes where kids learned from their parents to talk, network, and connect people to others. You do not find this as much in schools that cater to lower income students.

The exception to all this is the student who has the people skills to communicate and connect with others in school. This student will learn what it takes first hand to build a network of contacts and to use them fairly. This is no easy task, except for those with amazing people skills. In connection with what that student does in their free time, what that student is studying, matters more if they do something with it. An engineering student who creates drones to help with search and research missions that don’t need to be controlled will have no problem finding work because they have demonstrated their skills, versus an engineering student who went to MIT but only got straight As and did nothing else with their time. The first one, regardless of the name of the university, will have more job prospects because they have demonstrated to potential employers that he knows how to apply what he has learned in class.

The link below shows in detail the study that found all this to be true.



3 thoughts on “What you study is more important than the name

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