Aereo TV will reshape the landscape of Television

Article Updated [6/25/2014]

Supreme Court rules in favor of broadcasters dealing Aereo, and technology companies, a fatal blow to it’s innovative design. Aereo will now have to stop offering it’s services or pay the fee to transmit copyrighted material thus upping the $8 dollar a month fee current Aereo customers pay right now.

Businesses come and go for a reason, either they made a mistake and went under, or they weren’t innovating enough and another competitor came around and took all their business. This is the case with Aereo vs. anyone in the TV industry. They have found a way to give consumers TV access online that is cheap and affordable without having to pay for any retransmission fees. So how do they do it and what will happen if they win the lawsuit? Read on to find out.

Aereo TV


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