Find out why Disney dropped $1 billion to buy a YouTube Channel

Disney recently purchased a YouTube channel for $1 billion dollars. Find out what made Disney think that such a huge purchase was worth the effort. When considering such a prospect, you want to look at the structure of their channel(s) and company, how did they start and what did they turn into. Disney doesn’t throw money at anything, they have to be sound investments that have shown returns in the past. You want to keep that in mind as well.

When looking at any YouTube channel, you need to consider who their audience is (i.e., who do they make their videos for?) What are their metrics? (numbers, views, audience breakdown (i.e., male vs female, age range, country, etc)). Also think about, what is their purpose? Creating a YouTube channel can be fun but it all comes down to business in the end if you plan on making money off of it.

Find out why here
Studio Maker Website


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