Selfies with your favorite products are noticed in the marketing world

Kraft recently enlisted the help of Ditto labs, a small start up company, to help target who their consumers are exactly by using computers to analyze photos of people with their products. They want to know how people are using them, in what context they are taking photos of their products, and what that means for promotions and marketing.

Whether you are launching a business for the first time or have been doing it for awhile now, you need to know how your customers are using your products, and there is no better way to know that than with the pictures people take with your products. Using technology that law enforcement has been using for years in tracking down illegal photos online, companies, like Ditto Labs, are now using it to find where their products are on the internet. Sites like Tumblr, Flickr, instagram, twitter, and facebook are now being data mined from public information (i.e., photos and videos) in order for companies like Kraft to analyze their results.

Your Photos and videos with your favorite products say more than a thousand words


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