Using 3-D Printers to print body organs, including printing corrected DNA mistakes

Scientists are using 3-D printers to print out organs that people need. Using stem cells, they are able to grow the cells needed for each organ. They use the printers to “print” out the organ they need and then insert it into it’s proper place. There are many ethical issues to consider with this technology considering that 3-D printers are already commercially available on the market.

Special 3-D printers can also print out corrected DNA samples, meaning they found a sequence in your DNA strain that says you will get such and such disease later on, for you to have and use later on so that you can put it into your body, when the technology becomes available, so that you won’t get the disease. The process is expensive but now possible.

Using Ink-Jet Printers to print organs
Printing Body Parts
CNN Article


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