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Imagine this, your at home thinking of an idea for a solution to a problem. You know this idea is worth looking into and could probably help tons of people but how do you get it from idea to actual product? The dilemma you see right there is the stage that most ideas die at, this is because most people have no idea where to go to get an idea made. Ever seen those commercials where the guy comes on the tv asking if you have an idea that can patented and they tell you to call “invent help’ well the catch to that place is they send you a whole bunch of stuff but your still left on your own to make it happen. On the up side they have your contact information to sell to their “trusted partners.”

A many by the name of Ben Kaufman decided to make the process easy by creating a company called Quirky. You can submit your ideas to them online and if they gain traction, they will put it into production right away. Your share out of the whole thing is less than 10% from revenue. This is the part that for true entrepreneurs turns them away because most real business people want to reap as much of the profits as possible so if you have the connections to bring all of this together to make your idea possible while keeping at least a 70 to 90% share than that is amazing, but if your just a regular person with a regular job with no connection that places like Quirky are worth the time it takes to draw out and explain your idea and submit it because at least your idea will be looked at by someone else. Realize all ideas submitted are reviewed and put up for crowdsoucing. So check them out and see if you have an idea worth submitting.

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