The next time you order a salad it might be from a vending machine

When creating a company you have to think out side the box in ways that you never thought possible. Some people use the idea literally to help them to think what it really means to step outside the box. It places their mind into a different way of thinking. Luke Saunders probably didn’t use the method I just mentioned but he sure knew how to approach one business model, vending machines, and combine it with another idea, putting salads inside of them. The reviews of his company, Farmer’s fridge, is so good that it even has it’s own yelp page. It’s very rare for a vending machine to be classified as it’s own restaurant. So far everyone has enjoyed it and I think because of that success Luke has enjoyed it as well.

This idea is not all that surprising given that more and more vending machines are stocking items we once thought to only be in specialty places, like cupcakes, burritos, and tomatoes. Once you know what idea you want to market look for ways to get it out there. Use old business models for new ideas and see if the combination will work, if not then continue mixing and matching to find the right production chain.

Salad Vending Machines
More Exciting new on his business


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