The one piece of technology everyone wants the most

Let’s face it, out of all the things we want the most, since we pretty much have most of the stuff from Back to the Future II, we don’t have the flying cars like in the movie but we do have flying cars if you can afford the sticker price that comes with them. We have self-drying jackets, self-lacing shoes, and the nike shoes from the movie. Of course the world is trying to make it more like Back to the Future before the date approaches.

In the case of Hoverboards though that is something that might have to wait but if you really want to see it happen just to believe it will, check out this video. But if you want to see what it would feel like check out what these guys have done. They created a virtual world to simulate the effects of riding on a hoverboard using a wii balance board.

The Future is close but not close enough
If You really want to own a hoverboard, click here Or watch someone with one


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