Your strengths are important but so are your weaknesses

Entrepreneurs come in all forms include, shape, size, education, race, religion, sexual orientation. There are no limits when it comes to innovation. There are kids who have invented some pretty amazing things so it goes without saying that not even age counts anymore. As a leader you have to take into accounts all your strengths so you know what you are good at and deliver on them, but the opposite must also be considered. Weaknesses for many people are something they don’t like talking about, it can sometimes make it seem that you are not on the ball about everything (no one is) and so if you don’t tell anyone then no one will find out. But that is exactly what you don’t want to do.

There is a reason everyone is asked at some point in an interview what their strengths and weaknesses are. If I was hiring someone to run a warehouse of special inventory then I need someone with excellent time management, attention to detail, and creativity when an order isn’t shipped online or correctly, but what happens if that someone has the first two but not the second. I know then that they are able to follow the rules but not know when they are able to break or bend them. I might need to hire someone else to compensate for their lack of creativity, or find someone who has all three.

In this article, Angus Davis, CEO of Swipely, talks about the importance of weaknesses and how everyone needs to be aware of them so that you can bring on the right people to help balance out your company’s team. If have to be truly honest with yourself when it comes to running a company. Attention to detail might a required trait for anyone running the books on the company or who manages inventory. Angus explains his philosophy of how has he managed those areas of his life and how he incorporates all that into his business life.

A few things to take note of
– He went out and found opportunities
– He took what was given to him and more out of it
– He created work on his own that got noticed without expecting anything from it in the beginning
– He knew who he was and what he wanted

Read more about his way of doing business

Want to Read more on what Angus does?


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