Is it worth getting your phone back?

Now that people are able to locate their lost smartphones using GPS tracking, many people are taking the law into their hands by confronting many of the thieves who steal their phones. Many law official discourage the practice but with many local police stations heavily understaffed, requesting help from the police to get back their phone can take a long time given that lots of forms have to be filled out. Another excuse to slow down the process. Why fill out forms when you know exactly where your phone is? This is why many people just head over and confront the person and deal with whatever they have to instead of waiting, which police like doing.

The effort to place a kill switch on smartphones did not get the reaction it wanted in the legislature but there is a side worth noting here. It wasn’t that people didn’t want it, they did. It was the side of politics that favored lobbying from the telecommunication industry to stop that bill from happening because it would have hurt their business model of making money.

Learn what people are doing to get their phones back


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