Interested in learning how the internet ad industry works? Becareful, Calculus might be easier to learn

Ads online can be very annoying to watch, so annoying that many companies make it very difficult to find where the close (x) button is. Many infact make it invisible or blend into the background or super tiny to see. The rules start there must be a button available to mute and/or close an ad, but the rules didn’t say anything about how big or small they needed to be or where they had to be located.

The online ad industry is a very difficult industry to study and understand if you are a company, startup, or entrepreneur who would like to understand how ads are placed online. Infact, this industry is so difficult to understand that learning calculus would actually be easier because that information will still be the same next year, the online ad industry won’t.

Large companies find their ads misplaced on websites and when they try to find out why, it’s a game of cat and mouse because their insertion order doesn’t necessarily mean it will be followed if the space available is gone. Then it is sold to another media buyer who will try and find space for it, if none of available again, then it goes down further until it ends up at the bottom of the website or on websites that the company doesn’t want connection to.

Read about the full industry here


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