Nothing on apps or the internet is private anymore, Snapchat’s court case proved that

If you are a big time user of the famous Snapchat or just a fan of the idea of privacy between two people then you will be sad to know that Snapchat does store your information and anything you do with the service. Even apps like Whisper, Confide, and Secret have been found to store information and personal location data.

The FTC now requires Snapchat to update it’s privacy policy about how the service actually works. Remember now, those privacy polices they post online are written by lawyers that are paid by the companies they work for so it is not in their interest to explain in plain English what actually is collected but in a complicated way that encourages the users to believe they are working in their best interest, of course the legalese is what discourages users or anyone from reading on. It’s written like that on purpose as well.

Read more about how the courts forced them to change their practices


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