Never exclude older workers, they offer something the young don’t have

Many companies now are working to keep or hire older employees. The 2008 recession hurt a lot of people in their retirement plans, which forced a lot to look for work again. In the years many companies did not want to take on the added cost of increased health costs of hiring older employees. Now they are finding the benefits out weigh the costs when it comes to flexible scheduling that meet the needs of older employees.

Companies like CVS, Michelin, National Institutes of Health, and Fidelity are just a couple of companies who are hiring older employees for their programs. Many employees, once they retire, can come back on and work in a reduced manner that allows them to mentor younger employees, create training programs, and offer advice. This encourages those to keep a somewhat active life since their schedule is still allows for traveling and enjoying the good parts of life, while still contributing back to a company that appreciates their service.

This is a great example to understand if you, as an entrepreneur, are deciding what type of employees to hire for your company. Older employees have a long history of reliable, dependable, and strong willed, whereas, the younger generation are not, they expect perks right away and demand promotions within a shorter period of time. Older employees offer what younger employees don’t have and that is experience so be aware of both sides when consider who you want to hire and make sure it matches the image you want for your company and the impression you give to customers.

Hiring Older Employees Offers Many Benefits


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