High School Senior Elected Mayor of his town

Most high school students are worrying about applying to college, going to parties, and hanging out with their friends but almost none are thinking about applying to be their town’s mayor while still trying to pass state-requirement government class.

For Senior Kelvin Green the reality of becoming city mayor was made official on May 16, 2014. This high school senior won the election by default because no one else was running. His first order of duty will be to figure out how to fix the water shortage in his town.

This story was posted here because this blog is about entrepreneurship and learning how to think like and become one. This story got nationwide attention because of it’s uniqueness. The common image of someone becoming mayor is someone who went to college, studied political science or government and then ran for office of any position. Kelvin Green didn’t have any of that background yet he was still elected. Are stories like this really unique? No, but their fun to read because they are inspiring. There are many places all over the US and the World of stories about teenagers becoming official mayors of their towns, buying homes, and starting businesses and striking it rich. How did they become those kinds of people?

In order to become an Entrepreneur you don’t have to think you need to start a business. An entrepreneur is someone who finds a problem and provides a solution and this can be in any manner. The twist though is that they provide a new approach to something old, this is why they are called disruptors. Now people don’t like change this is why it is sometimes hard for entrepreneurs to take off successfully because they might be changing the way people have done it for so long. Change is important for anything to grow, if you maintain the status quo for too long, you miss out on how the world is progressing along with opportunities to improve.

Mr. Green will provide a new approach to managing a town and for that he will be rewarded with leadership qualities, managing people, and city planning experience. Most things young adults learn later on in life, unfortunately. The other perspective to have in this situation though is to never limit or doubt what your child or teenager is capable of doing. If they are interested in film, don’t limit how many hours they watch tv; if they are interested in building cars, don’t limit the amount of stuff they bring home from junk yards, etc.

For now, college can wait because it will always be there and when he does apply he will carry with him that most first time freshmen will not have on their college applications, Mayor. All Kelvin did was find a unique opportunity that was presented to him and he took the challenge, which is what the job of an entrepreneur is all about.

Elected Mayor before going to College


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