Design Your Marketing Around Something Unexpected

Most ads from companies are centered around what their product can do for their customers but many fail to show off what else their products are good at. In his ad, Caterpillar showed their products as part of a game that most people have played. The ad is both engaging and fun to watch but it also show cases the usefulness of what their machines are capable of doing. It also caught people’s attention because they were used in a way that most people are not familiar with seeing construction equipment being used. This explains why the video got so many hits on youtube.

When trying to figure out how to showcase your product or service, look for a surprise that most people are not expecting. In the second video you have a company showcasing their product with another set of their own products are are considered heavy duty and dangerous to be around if not careful. Most phones are very light and break easily but they showed their phone in all kinds of situations around a construction site. They use their about section to also talk about each different machine that was used in the video. You will also notice that when someone asked where they could buy one of their phones, someone from Caterpiller responded to their comment about how to do that and if they needed help where to email them. That is what great customer service on social media is all about, meeting the needs of your customers.


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