Not all companies care for their employees

Everywhere all over there is an employee going into work because they have to. They don’t have the option of working from home because their employer doesn’t support such a program. This type of company affects the ability for employees to take off time to care for ill-parents or a newborn, placing financial constraints on an already limited salary, if they carry one.

Companies all over don’t offer the kind of perks people keep hearing about from those that work in Silicon Valley, the dream of being able to be picked up from home, play volleyball at work with co-workers and attend company parties every week is only something they can ever dream of having. For everyone else, they are required to be at work, by their own transportation means paid for out of their own pockets, at a certain time otherwise face a consequence, as if it was still middle or high school.

Employers are taking back flexible work options because it makes it harder to control their employees work performance. The companies that offer luxury work options are those that hire highly skilled knowledge workers (i.e., finance, technology, computer science, science, and entertainment), all other forms of employees must follow strict guidelines in order to keep their job, which often leads to high turn over rates.

You Decide the Conditions

Whether you plan to hire employees or not, as an entrepreneur you get to determine how comfortable you want your employees to be. If you to know the best way to get the best out of your employees consider what some of the greatest companies do and see if you can start with one or two options. The most important option to provide employees today is flexible working hours. If you believe that everyone needs to be at their desk by 8 am because that is how you work then maybe you are not looking at the big picture. The important thing to consider is how someone gets their work done. If they enjoy working later in the day then why not let them do that if it means they meet all their deadlines and produce better quality work?

The conditions of the economy have made it harder for companies to offer the same kind of package deals that high end companies are able to offer but for each new generation of employees that come in, you will have to decide how you plan to meet them half-way.

Companies should help their employees


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