LittleBits is the Lego’s of Today

[Article Updated 7/24/2014]

If you ever wanted to teach your kids how electronics works it can get pretty confusing but with LittleBits they have made the process just as much fun as playing with legos, the only difference is once they are done building they can see their project come to life.

In the video on TechCrunch website you watch a video to see just how the product works. This is a great way to see if this is something your math and science student need for the summer. You can build from their kits and add to them.

LittleBits helps make building things fun while at the same time learning engineering principles along with math and science. Kids, as well as adults, can benefit from learning how electronics work early on.

You can watch additional videos on other kits that LIttleBits offer.

Find out more about littlebits

If you would like to purchase your own LittleBits kits you can do so here
Purchase and Build your kits Today

LittleBits Website
LittleBits Twitter
LittleBits YouTube Page
Ayah, Founder of LittleBits Twitter Page

Littlebits is now Cloud-Enabled

Littlebits Lets you build Smart Home

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