Welcome to a world where A.I. and Her become a little more real

If you’ve never seen the movies A.I. or Her, then you need to watch more movies, but for those that have that world where Robots and computers can feel just took another step forward.

Introducing a Robot that was created as a companion for others where it can sense one’s emotion and respond back. In the case of Lover Bots, these robots are also here to make you happy, talk with you and make you feel connected and safe. They were also programmed to take care of your kids for you but don’t expect it to be able to carry out any harsh punishments like seeing they go to their room or take a time out. They are simply there to help take care of people.

In this short, called Changing Batteries, you see what a companion robot would be like but you also see that the need and lifespan would be limited. If the robots are swapped with another person who needs one, whats to say the Robot won’t feel a little mid led by that action. They might miss their first companion more. Then if the Robot isn’t share, then what happens to it? Does it just get thrown away and added to the already over filled landfills that technology parts contribute to? These are all very serious issues to consider.

Robots that Feel
This has always been an area of concern for most who have seen movies about what happens to robots that can feel once we, as humans, are done with them. The hard part about A.I. is that you have a child that was never designed to grow up but only to love his parents with all his boy heart, except that he would also outlive his parents, and go on to experience more than humans thought they should be responsible for.

These movies show us the responsibility we hold to building such machines. It’s not far to them that once are are tired of them to throw them away. In the movie, Her, you have an operating system that seems like a real person that you forget your even talking to a computer. In the case of that movie the opposite happens and the human is left alone. We need movies to remind us that if we create anything that shows signs of life, we need to respect the understanding of what to do with it after we are through with it. Surrogates is another film about creating Robots that replace human interaction for various reasons. Another misuse of Robot technology.

In the case of I, Robot, the same thing happens where a world of helper Robots turns on humans, not in the case of harm except those that try, to protect themselves. We see them become self-aware, also in the case of The Terminator films, and turn against humans. If your thinking this article has gone farther than it should have then you have not been keeping up with your films on robots and ethics (i.e., Bicentennial Man) but also advances in Robotic engineering.

Robot competitions take place all over the world, and those are fun to watch, but the labs that create robots to interact and care for humans are moving at an accelerated pace that we are on a course with robots that will have the ability to think and make choices are on their own without our help. As humans we always try to push what we know to see if we can do it, but more often than not, we don’t stop to ask ourselves if we should.

We will always have the argument that research and development in robotic engineering will help improve people’s lives through non-human companions. But is that true? The artists of the world have shown us that we need to tread lightly when it comes to these areas. We’ve been warned but was anyone paying attention?

Say Hello to Pepper

Read more about Pepper Here

If you have never heard of some of the films I mentioned in this article I have included the movie trailers down below. Go Watch Them.


Astro Boy

Bicentennial Man


I, Robot


The Terminator

BBC Documentary On Artificial Intelligence in Robots

Take Heed!

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