The Future of YouTube Stars

It used to be the case that if you wanted to meet a celebrity you had to live in L.A. and hope to catch one walking around but with social media nowadays being the new form of entertainment for the younger generation all you have to do now is get your hands on tickets for VidCon, or the new up-and-coming, DigiFest (NYC, Toronto, Tour) which features “celebrities” from the social media world. Now you have the chance to see your favorite social media star in person and possibly get a selfie taken with one of them.

The thing that makes this festival different from any other is that the social media stars of today were the fans of, in this case, last year or week. Unlike celebrities, they want to mingle with their fans because they were, and in many cases, still a fan to other major celebrities. They know what it is like to have to wait and maybe catch a glimpse of your favorite star so instead of just staying up on stage they want to get down and meet their fans in person.

The real life interaction between social media stars and their fans is what makes this conventions so popular, and a huge money making business for Meridith Valiando Rojas and Chris Rojas who started DigiTour Media. They are the ones responsible for making all this happen. There are other companies, especial major talent agencies, who are also jumping on the bandwagon in order to capitalize on this new form of entertainment.

Shadow Worlds
Right now these young social media stars are the first group exploring what it is like to be famous because of their social media accounts. They post everyday, if not every minute or hour, to keep their fans interested in them, but what about the new social media celebs that will come out next month or year? Celebrities were once created by major talent agencies, and now that they are losing numbers of viewers from movies and TV shows, they need new clients to bank off of because they gotta pay the bills too, just no need for lavish living.

The future of social media celebrities is that eventually their flame will die out. Celebrities from TV and movies have a team of people to manage their career and help them find new roles to play. Social media stars are only as good as their creativity but with thousands of new YouTube channels being created everyday, how is one able to stay famous forever?

The answer is, they, statistically, won’t be able to. People’s, especially young viewers, viewing habits change all the time. A new cute face will pop up one day and become the new online sensation pushing out social media stars that are just one or two years older but old enough to be forgotten. Yes, they will have made lots of money off of their videos, their looks, and appearances but the fact of the matter is people, fans, want to see new faces every year when it comes to social media. Now that they will have all that money they can put it to use by going to a great college and getting an education and then applying what they learned from running their social media accounts and going on tour to any new up-and-coming talent. This model won’t work for all famous social media stars but if they think they can be famous forever with their channel, they are only fooling themselves.


What the life of a YouTuber has become


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