An Innovative Product combined with an everyday appliance

It takes a certain mind of creativity in order to come up with the products I see and encounter on a daily basis. This one product has combined a everyday house-hold appliance with a function that is useful for people with a smartphone. People’s need to charge their phone has become such a huge problem that many places now offer extra charging stations just to get people to come into their stores.

Old Ideas, New Concepts
If you were to look around your house and see some of the appliances you use, would you ever think of being able to reinvent something for another purpose? People have all over, infact retro brick phones have made a huge comeback in the UK with people buying brick phones that connect with their smartphones. They even set up a site for it.

There are people who have taken products from the old days and made them for use with today’s technology (like this phone right here on amazon). As you can see from the other items recommended by Amazon, there are many other phones that were used in the old days now with updated technology. Vsauce2 on youtube which has created a series called, BiDiPi (Build It, Draw It, Play It) showcases many people’s innovative work that they have posted online to sell.

A Cool Way to Charge your iPhone
There is a product called Foaster, or for those that have one at home, a toaster. Instead of putting bread into the toaster, you put your iPhone into one of the slots and push it down. When it is done charging it pops up. Now that I told you about that idea, it makes you wish you came up with that idea first, doesn’t it?

If you look at how to make such a device, you simply need a plastic shell, two charging docks underneath and a mechanism to know when to pop out the phone. The last part might be hard to figure out but with the internet having all the answers, I’m sure you could post it to a forum online and get an answer within the hour without having to wrack your brain over it.

The next time you look at products, see if you can find a new use for it. You just might surprise yourself with how creative you can be.

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