Need an App to talk with other AppleBee’s Patrons while eating? Yep there’s an App for that

This app should come as no surprise but there is an app, not affiliated with Applebee’s, that let’s customers chat privately with other customers in the restaurant. Why you would want to do that? Just another pickup app that so many are becoming now but surprisingly enough this app has caught on, first as a running joke and now something bigger. The nice thing about this app is that the company has decided not to involve itself or try to discourage anyone from using it, which shows that AppleBee’s made the right decision in letting their customers enjoy their own experience in their restaurants.

Ideas for Apps
People get ideas for apps from all over but as the creator of the app, Mike Lazer-Walker, says that he just wanted to create an app that made fun of the startup scene where so many developers were serious about the hard work they put into their apps. This app took only a day to build and put out is really meant to be a joke, a joke that took off.

There are serious apps out there that do some major horse work, and it shows by how much they drain your phone’s battery, but at the same time they require a high learning curve. It’s important to understand who your audience will be that uses it. If your app is serious, then chances are it will only be used during working hours but since people are only interested in getting out of their job as quickly as possible so they can go back to living their life again then they are interested in apps that make life fun.

So the next time you are beating yourself up for trying to make the next perfect app why not think in a totally different way and make fun of something and share it out. You just might hit on something big.

Read here about some other apps he has made

Download the App Here

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