It may not be a viral video but it’s cuteness rating is through the roof

Some videos you watch are just too cute to pass up and you might be wondering, how is this video not viral. It’s true there are tons of videos out there that are amazing to watch but don’t have that viral quality to it. As I mentioned before in my previous posts, it might be a couple of weeks or months or even years before a video goes viral and when it does, be ready.

Check out this adorable video of a 21 week old Yorkie puppy playing patty cake. It took four days to train her. If you notice the date, the video came out in March 21, 2013. But what is amazing is that in the video at the bottom, she passes her therapy dog test in April 6, 2014. She may not be a viral sensation yet but she’s got the talent for it. Enjoy


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