Rhett and Link Talk about their Success of Creating Viral Videos

Many people think creating viral videos is easy, all you need is a baby, a cat, and a parent who doesn’t know what their doing and you have the perfect recipe for a viral video but it’s not that easy. Cat videos are still cute but so are any animal video but in order to get past that and break into even higher numbers you need to learn what it is about a viral video that makes it go viral and that is exactly what Rhett and Link have learned to do. Not only that but they make a living making viral videos (and even though YouTube takes 45% of their share, they still make a very comfortable living and I will show you how).

Who is Brett and Link?
Brett and LInk were just two guys who thought it would be fun to make videos after graduating college and quitting their engineering jobs. They grew up together since elementary school and already had a creative side for entertaining. It’s hard to imagine they had the tenacity for sitting through all those engineering courses in college in order to become one. Now they work as creative people making a living (more so than what an engineer would make) entertaining people in all types of forms (song, video, music, radio, TV, and even film).

You know you are a success when you are ranked in the top Youtube channels watched, named as one of the most creative people in advertising on a short list in a very popular magazine and have their own wikipedia entry.

Talking about their Success
In a recent interview with HLN they talked about their success and what it is like for them now.
Click here to watch Interview

Videos of their Success

This is what they get paid to do for a living now. They have three different channels on YouTube and a radio channel, all of which were free to set up.
Main Channel Rhett and Link
Second Channel Good Mythical Morning
Third Channel Good Mythical More
Listen to their Radio Show on SoundCloud

Creating Success with Videos
Rhett and Link have been interviewed many times by companies and they even talk about how they do it on their blog. If you want to learn what it takes to launch a channel and maintain it they are a good source to start with. If you have VidCon tickets then there are many panels there that will discuss what it takes.

The other aspect of their work is that they even partner with people who are interested in working with them. Not only do they create videos but they have also created a space on their website to encourage people to contact them. It used to be that you had to go through an agent, who normally make it very difficult to get in touch with their talent (and why you would want to make it difficult makes no sense and doesn’t help the client get more work). Instead they control everything and they have a page telling you how to get in touch with them.
Contact Rhett and Link directly

So how do they do it?
They came up with stories that impacted their lives. They wrote about their experience, they sat down and started writing what a scene would look like and what they would say and turn it into a song. Growing up they wrote many different scripts for movies and would go out and make them. You might be thinking, “well they had the time and energy to do that growing up, I’m too old now and not creative anymore.” Not true.

You have to want to do it. What amazes me about people is that they have no problem getting up early and going into a job they might hate just so they can get a paycheck every week. But very few every run and do something they wish they could do because they are afraid of losing that paycheck. As you know already from reading this blog, you probably won’t have your same job in five or ten years and once you are gone there will be someone else to replace you, so why run out the clock by waiting to be let go, go start a project right now and see how it grows. You don’t need to be young to make anything anymore. If you have an iPad, smartphone, or old iPod then you can use the camera, shoot a little video and see if people might like it or not and guess what, if they don’t you can always create a new one. And just remember, people make a living off of doing just that everyday now.

News Articles
Read more about their Success Together

Read about how some of their videos go viral

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