These Dogs are taking the internet by Storm

It’s no surprise that it takes a lot to get anyone’s attention now on the internet but when you do, it can sometimes catch on like wildfire. In any case meet, Pig the Unusual Dog. She is a half breed mix born with short spine syndrome and no neck. In order to see anything she has to turn her head completely.

She is known to have saved her entire family of brothers and sisters when they were born by barking in the woods north of Atlanta. It was because she was able to get someone’s attention that she saved her family, as well as, herself. Although she is born with a host of health problems she seems to be doing really well and enjoying all the attention she has gotten both in person and online.

Pictures of Pig have been showing up all over the internet, especially on twitter where people are encouraging others to come out and see her. Pig is said to eventually be getting her ow twitter account soon. If you perform a simple search on twitter of “Pig the Dog” you will already see tons of photos of her from various accounts.

You can see the owner’s facebook page, Kim Dillenbeck, where she posts videos and photos of her just having fun and enjoying life. She says that she is very happy to have her in her life and couldn’t be more happy to make her happy. Kim explained that it was the event “Do Dah Day” that first put Pig on the map of people’s attention since that was the first time Kim took her out in public. All the photos of Pig have spread and Kim says that she has gotten nothing but loving support.

Say Hello to Duncan
Duncan is a boxer who loves everything about his wonderful life and even though he had some problems as a pup the owners who took him didn’t have any problem giving him the life he deserves. He is just like any other dog except he doesn’t have any back legs but can run and keep up with all the other dogs and he loves playing on the beach.

The thing about dogs is that they all have short term memory, to a certain extent (needed to add that in for those that might try to argue otherwise), and that is why every time you come home they are excited to see you. Just like the dog who was so excited to see their owner after being gone for more than 2 years passes out on the ground.

Lilly and Maddison
These two great danes have become their own life partners. One is blind and another one stepped in to be her guide dog. They are always together and help one another.

Another Special Relationship

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