Need a car just to get from work and home for under $10k? Look Here

Cars today come in all kinds of ways and styles. We now have self-driving cars, cars that can fly, and cars that can turn into helicopters. Those are all nice but what about a car just for utilitarian purpose – getting from home to work and back? A car like that should be cheap, fuel efficient on gas (if it should even run on gas) and look nice. Well, now we have that too and it only costs $6,800 with a MPG rating of 84.

Paul Elio is the man behind Elio Motors. He recently purchased a manufacturing plant in Louisiana, which once built Hummers, to start building his new car while at the same time employing over 1500 people. This is one entrepreneur who took his idea from start to finish and is giving car builders, who really need jobs right now, another chance.

You can see the design and simplicity in what he has made. It has a purpose and provides convenience for the driver with a few specialties thrown in. People from all over are enjoying the look, feel, and driving experience they have with the car.

The nice thing about his car is that it is also one of the lightest vehicles on the road weighing in at 1200 pounds which mean it will have very little impact on the road, but if more roads get built with this device then there will be no worry about damage to the roads anymore.

Paul Elio is planning on selling 50 to 60k cars in the first year of production so getting your hands on one might be a struggle if gas cars stay around still. His cars won’t hit the market until 2015 giving the market more time to change. The struggle behind such a car design and use of a gas vehicle is limited given that Tesla has given away it’s secret design whereby encouraging more people to develop electric vehicles.

You can read more about what this company plans on doing here

Here are what some people thought of the car already

So, would you buy this car if it can do all that?


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