The Future Potential of Ecommerce is in India, not the US

If you are looking for new customers, you might want to consider India the next time you are designing your website for world wide appeal. Second only to China, India has the largest set of internet users in the world, The US is behind and ranks as third, with 207 million and 243 for India and China at 300.

It is not surprising given that India producers more engineers than most other places around, again next to china. Their influence in the technology field is evident in Silicon Valley where majority of employees are Indian. So how did their rise in the technology field become so apparent? Easy, once they created their wealth in the US, they started sending back some of that wealth and talent to India to help expand. Infact more than majority of Facebook users access their accounts through their mobile device.

India is a country of mobility when it comes to the internet. There are more mobile phone users than traditional means with the desktop. This is because phones and broadband service has gotten cheaper allowing many remote areas now to be able to get service. If you live in a remote village you can access educational material better than having to travel long distances just to attend class, and now that MOOCs are popular all over, more and more children, and adults, are taking free online education courses to boost their knowledge.

The market for India’s expansion is very clear by how they use their technology, so whether you are a small startup or a fast growing corporation, you should set your sights on India for influence and ecommerce.

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