What to Learn how People Use Technology? Look at this Study

It’s no surprise that if you really want to learn more about a person just look at their phone. Smartphones have become this amazing treasure trove of personality data. Based on the type of apps someone has on their phone tells you where their priorities are in life. A younger person might have apps like Instagram, facebook, twitter, tinder, and whisper, whereas, an older person might have google maps, weather, news, and instagram. The layout of where you place your apps also tells you alot about how they interact with their phone. The home screen of any phone will always have the apps they mostly commonly use in order to avoid have to (yes, people do complain about this (1stworldproblems)) swipe over more than once in order to get to other apps.

Infact in order to solve the issue of having to swipe all the time, users simply create folders upon folders in order to categorize their apps but sometimes having to tap one too many times can take up precious time (geez, how lazy have phones made people, or is it the other way around?). In a study done, researchers asked a bunch of new yorkers to explain how they use their phones, what are the most important apps they use every time, and how many times they open their phones a day. The results are a huge insight as to how people understand and use technology.

it should be noted here that even though this information is very valuable, it only is based on the concentration factor of new yorkers, a city that is always at the fore-front of technology and so the results will be vastly different compared to cities in the midwest and remote areas that do not have high speed internet connections, do not have the latest HD enhancements on google maps, and for most services, not available in their areas. A midwest user of social media that lives in a town of less than 10k will have very different habits (due to less social interactions and city influences (i.e. festivals, events, social gatherings, education centers, etc). The spread of information, whether over heard on a subway car or in a large gathering, is eliminated in a small town and therefore information about the latest anything is reduced tremendously, unless of course the user is highly “aware” of the latest trends but is unable to use most of them due to their location and lack a reason to.

Learn more about how New Yorkers Use their Phones through this awesome infographs

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