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Social Media is creating some amazing talent but sometimes it can be difficult to maintain all the attention you are getting. A Youtuber who has millions of subscribers, may, lose their audience’s attention over a period of time just because new people pop up everyday online and since people only have a certain amount of the day to devote to following what their favorite social media personalities are doing, it can get very difficult to maintain that level of status forever.

The Tried and True Method
Before social media came along there were talent agencies and these were the places where one who wanted to be famous had to go. If you wanted to be a movie star, you had to find an agent and see if you were good enough to join their agency. Back before computers were around and smartphones it was nearly impossible to show any proof of your work unless you were able to get the agent to come to one of your shows. This was a very difficult thing for an agent juggling 30 or 40 clients who depend on that one agent to work for them all the time.

The great thing about this system was that if you did land an agent and you kept up with the hard work then there was a very good chance that you would be set in the world of movies and tv shows or whatever else you wanted to do. In any case you needed someone to help you manage your career and help it stay up. It is almost impossible today to find any celebrity without an agent because they do not have the time to be on the phone all day. So what do you do if you are a social media celebrity and you don’t have an agent?

Update to Tried-and-True
Talent Agents today have started signing any social media personality who has a big enough following to be worth taking on. Before all this they had to trust their gut, with no metrics like we have today; that anyone they signed would be a big enough hit to bring in money for the agency. Now agents can look at the number of views, hits, likes, fans, and more before determining whether or not they want to sign someone who just makes videos from their bedroom. In many cases, this method has been shaping up to be a better method than before because now the agent doesn’t have to worry about building up any publicity for new talent because the talent already did it for them.

The only power agents have today is the number of connections they carry. The more people they know in Hollywood, New York, and any other major place in the world that needs talent, the more jobs they an land for them. An agent that is just starting out has an advantage, picking up obscure talent that no one else has heard of before, but that talent would be smart to make sure the agent has enough connections to get them anywhere, otherwise that talent is better off just increasing the number of hits on their social media channel that connects them to the whole world.

Introduce Pat Law
This young lady has taken that idea, along with previous contacts at an agency she worked for, and turned it into a whole new agency. This one focuses on the power of social media enabling her small agency, called Goodstuph, to use the power of social media to help branch out brands to other people. The idea is new, but for those who live in the major major cities, like New York and LA, and London and Singapore, it is not. What agencies like her’s and Niche do is find social media talent and with their power in their number of followers or skills, they can help brands find people that don’t look for ads or commercials but instead look for innovate ways of creating things. Jethro Ames’s is a perfect example of someone who just liked making videos in his garage and turning it into a full time job that eventually landed him another job with a social media talent agency in New York called Niche. If you look at his Vine channel you can see that he still works on putting out content for brands that his audience members enjoy watching.

Pat does the same thing except in a very in-person kind of way using social media. She creates clever social media ads for her clients but also helps connect her clients with people that are associated with the brands lifestyle. In this case many of her clients are alcoholic beverages so with that idea she created a bar, called Bar Naked, for the nightlife which she lets each of her clients use, and with the help of her team, they remake the club into the theme of that beverage for the client.

Being able to create the agency and bar were all part of her connections. It was because of a friend she knew that she was able to find office space rent-free that allowed her to be able to build her business without the biggest stress of them all, rent. From there, using her past connections at her previous job, she was able to attract clients and build a name for herself, in which case now, she has won social media agency of the year by a local competition by a marketing magazine. This is great considering that it is just her and a small team of people she is working with to make her dream come true.

Your Idea, Your Business
It doesn’t take much anymore to launch a company today. You have to have the ability to make it all happen. Pat talked with friends and found that she could use what she learned in her previous job and turn it into something different. I’m sure if it wasn’t sure the rent-free office space she would have had a hard time trying to get her company up and running. Many times companies start off in the basement of a home or garage but with her found luck she was able to start off right in an office and, instead of paying for rent every month, she could use that money to pay for a staff.

The great your connections are the more opportunities you will have in live. The internet has opened up many new opportunities but nothing will beat the in-person interactions that make trust-worthy connections. So the next time you have an idea, find someone or some place you know of that would help connect people with your business idea. Then with the power of social media you can help branch it out even more with the help of your network.

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