Comcast Learned the hardway how not to do Customer Service

In a recent incident that took place someone recorded their conversation with a Comcast representative where they wanted to cancel their service. In the clip that has already been heard more than 3 million times you can see how aggressive this person was in trying to keep the person from canceling their service. In the end the person still did not give them their confirmation code to say that their service was indeed canceled.

Here is the clip to show how NOT to do Customer Service for your company

You can see from the clip how aggressive the customer service rep was with trying to keep him from canceling.

Wall Street Journal talked about the clip but also provided insight as to why companies train their call center reps that way and what can go wrong by doing that.

The next time you decide to train your customer service employees try to figure out the impression you want to leave on your members. The best thing you can do is to help them settle their account as quickly and easily as possible. In many cases companies have now helped their new customers by offering to talk to customer service reps for them to cancel out and transfer their service. This has reduced the number of headaches of having to listen to someone try and convince you to stay.

Comcast issued a statement saying they are terribly sorry but as most people know that is not good enough. With Comcast trying to complete a merger, which would make them the largest provider for internet and cable service in the country many worry their customer service will only get worst if they are really the only choice around.
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Hopefully they learned their lesson but chances are, probably not.


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