How to Get an Entire Education for Free through YouTube (University)

In yesterday’s post about how 50 colleges now charge more than $50k a year for tuition I decided that a follow up to that post would be to show that the growing trend of learning online for free is as big as ever, especially on youtube. I will include a few other sites that you can use to learn from but for majority of the content you will find here they all come from youtube.

YouTube’s Powerful Influence
You have to be living under a rock if you don’t know exactly how powerful YouTube has become. There is a channel on youtube for just about any interest out there. If I was to tell you there are channels that show some extreme surgeries that doctors in remote areas of the world perform you might be surprised to see the content, if you can keep your stomach down while watching any of them. Why would YouTube let a channel like that exist? Because it is extremely informative for doctors and medical students around the world to study. The channel is run by an indian doctor that puts up only the most extreme surgeries that he has performed. Many of the people commenting are doctors inquiring how he come up with such and such procedures. (Fair warning very graphic material)

YouTube gives anyone the ability to teach whatever it is they know to the world. No other medium is as powerful as that. There are other websites that are knockoffs and even sites that let you stream content live but YouTube’s following is big enough that majority of the world knows about it. Anytime something happens in the world people know they can go to YouTube to watch a clip about it. There is so much content on YouTube that now with the power of categories YouTube has been able to filter content into their own categories that they created to help people find the latest content.

Accessing YouTube’s Channels (on the left side of the homepage)
YouTube Menu

YouTube has created a channel already labeled “Education” and you can click on that channel to find up-to-date content from channels from all over the world that relate to the field of Education. You can watch lectures from classrooms around the world to talks that are given by people who are top of their field to channels that have people talk about specific topics. By clicking on that one channel you are already taking control of your own self-learning project and teaching yourself way more than what a college or university would be able to.

The Power of Learning Through Channels
I am going to list just a few channels to know about that will make you smarter everyday and many of these channels are already listed in the resource section of this website. Then I am going to provide the links that will unleash the educational power of YouTube. If you were to take advantage of each channel that is out there and watched at least 5 videos everyday and studied along with the concepts and material you would most likely pass that of someone with a master’s or Ph.D. All for the price of nothing if you get your internet connection for free.

Also remember that for every channel you click on related channels show up on the right hand menu that deliver content that is similar in category. Thereby expanding your interest in certain areas but also seeing what other people are doing in those fields.

When you click on Education from the YouTube menu you are taken to YouTube EDU Channel.

If you want to learn about the Periodic Table because that is what you are studying in school right now a great channel to check out is Periodic Videos

Maybe you want to learn about all the crazy stuff people are doing in this world then check out the following channels

Science is fun to learn if you know how to present it just right and that is what these guys do.

That is just a taste of what kind of content people are posting online but also creating online. Here are more channels that will make you smarter than Einstein himself. In this section I posted the article from which the channels were found and then listed the channels below incase the article gets deleted or the address link changes.

9 Great YouTube Channels to Make you Smarter
Smarter Everyday
Vlog Brothers
Crazy Russian Hacker
Periodic Videos
CGP Grey

8 Great YouTube Channels To Enrich Global Education
YouTube EDU
Blue World TV
Biography Channel
Discovery Channel
American Museum of Natural History
Khan Academy

This link is the mother of all youtube channels related to education. I will not be including all the links but just the link to the article itself. With this one link alone you could easily learn a dozen different degrees and masters programs.

197 Educational YouTube Channels

If you are interested in the content that major museums offer here are the links to the most famous ones.

The Frick Collection
Guggenheim Museum
Brooklyn Museum
The Museum of Contemporary Art
Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
Getty Museum
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Château de Versailles
Museum of Modern Art
National Gallery of Art
National Museum of American Indian
National Museum of American History
Smithsonian Channel

You now have enough material to show you how you don’t need to go to college or graduate school to get a college education. There is enough information on YouTube that one could easily take what they are learning through those videos and combine that with the power of a library card and get more out of that then sitting in lectures that cost thousands of dollars with no guaranteed payoff in the end. Which one sounds like a better plan?

If you really need to hone your skills more in terms of software training and such you can always search the name of the software program you want to learn on YouTube with the words “intro” added on. Then you will find thousands of videos that show you how to get started for free. If you need an added boost sites like provide quality training online for just about any software program you need to learn.

Sites that provide online training

This great article offers many other sites for learning from
Knowledge when you need it


Just remember that many universities offer their own YouTube channels so you can watch lectures and see what the latest news and research is happening on their campus all for free.

Yale Channel
Harvard ChannelBerkley Channel
Princeton Channel
Brown Channel
MIT OpenCourse
Columbia University

Now you have enough material to last you for awhile, lets see what you can do with it now. If you need help getting verified by what you have learned then check out Degreed.

Check out the resource section for more places to check out online.

Good Luck!



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