The Top Universities and Most Educated Places in America 2014

Everyone would love to attend the best school in America but not everyone can just for the simple reason that they make it so damn expensive. Just these past couple of months thousands of students who worked their hardest in school realized the reality of how this world really works. You can work your ass off and if you can not afford the price tag of the school you were accepted to then you have to settle for the next best affordable thing.

You might be saying to yourself, “but there are hundreds if not thousands of scholarships out there willing to give students who work hard and get good grades money so they can attend their prize school.” That I will not argue with and it is very true that there is a lot of free money out there but the surprising fact of the matter is that I see very few of the top students spending their time filling out all those scholarship applications and writing their essays because they are spending all their time instead in SAT prep courses and studying ahead for their upcoming classes during the school year and forgetting what it actually means to learn something.

When I hear students tell me that they don’t have enough time to fill out scholarship applications all that translates to is, “if I work hard enough schools will give me a lot of money to attend.” Yes, students really believe that and for those living in the cloud it is a long way down as they are slammed back into reality. In high school I had a friend who was valedictorian of their class and had perfect scores in all of their classes and was president of most student organizations they attended. In all that time they were in high school they would apply for any scholarship, no matter the prize amount, because they knew every bit helped. By the time the graduated and went to college they left with a scholarship package to pay both college and graduate school in full and still have money left over for many study abroad programs, to travel, and even go back to school again if they wanted. To this day they have not paid a dime in tuition but it would not be possible without all that hard work.

They did not have the money either to pay for these super expensive test prep programs but instead got free personal tutoring by individuals who got perfect scores. They networked and it paid off in the amount of free resources they received during their high school years. So anytime I hear a student telling me that they don’t have time to look for scholarships and write essays all the time they are literally expecting mommy and daddy to foot the rest of the bill and if you have been keeping up with this blog you know my feelings on how parents should handle college expenses – it should be the student’s responsibility to pay for all that. And if you are a parent who is reading this and thinking, “I would never do that to my child,” or “I understand but it doesn’t hurt to help a little.” No it doesn’t hurt to help a little like taking them to Wal-mart or Target to help dress up their dorm a bit but in all fairness that’s probably as far as paying for things should go.

So the next time your child asks how they expect to pay for college find out how they are doing with filling out scholarships and if you find your child spending more time studying then finding money you will have a huge problem on your hands, sorry, THEY, will have a huge problem on their hands when it comes time in deciding which school they can afford to attend.

Top Ten Schools
1. Williams College
2. Standford University
3. Swarthmore College
4. Princeton University
5. Yale University
6. Harvard University
7. MIT
8. Pomona College
9. U.S. Military Academy
10. Amherst College

America’s Top Colleges 2014

Smartest People
Living in a city where majority of the people are smart is nice because you know that if you run into anyone or strike up a conversation with someone it will at least be interesting what you two talk about. The other nice thing that happens is that the market in those areas improve because the intellectual capital concentrated in one region helps improve conditions. This is why Teach for America takes students from top schools and puts them in low performing school districts to help spread the intellectual wealth. Students end up doing better, the student teachers learn to appreciate the hardships of being poor and the economy benefits by having more smart people to create and share ideas.

So if you an a business person looking to capitalize on intellectual capital by hiring only smart people then you might want to look into moving to one of these cities, and if your really smart you will move to a city that is consider one of the best for startups and has the most educated people then you will get more bang for your buck.

Top Ten
1. Bethesda, MD
2. Potomac, MD
3. Wellesley, MA
4. Brookline, MA
5. Palo Alto, CA
6. Newton, MA
7. Lexington, MA
8. Chapel Hill, NC
9. Upper Arlington, OH
10. North Bethesda, MD

Most Educated Places in America 2014

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