This iPhone case lets you see through walls

We have phone cases now that let you put on your favorite photo on the case or charge your phone or attach cool things to your phone but apparently that wasn’t enough. Now you can see through things with the new FLIR One iPhone case that even comes with its own power supply. That is a good thing since the simplest of apps can drain your battery in like a few minutes. Luckily the people who made this case considered that it needed to have its own power supply so that way the phone can continue to actually work.

You can use this for many practical uses like checking for things trapped inside your walls, if something got caught in a pipe, if something is behind a wall that you can not get to, but I know that the one use that this case might lead to would be checking if someone is inside a home, room, or car. People who are concerned about entering their home late at night can use this iPhone case to check to see if anyone is inside the home that shouldn’t be there. For the rich kids who ask their parents to buy them this they might find the case useful on camping trips when they are too afraid to look out side their tent to see if something is there.

Why do I say rich kids? Because you need to have a lot of money to be able to afford the case. The price tag on this puppy is $350 for the iPhone 5/5s model. But incase you are wondering if you get any perks with that you do. You get the free app that you can download to be able to use the case. Don’t you feel special now. You can still download the app it just won’t do much. If you want to see just how it all works before you go and buy the thing you can use the online simulator the company has provided on their website to check it out.

The maker of the case is called FLIR ONE and you can visit their website to learn more about it. The case has a lot of useful features but my concern is that people who like to steal or rob places will use this case for evil. The product is already in use by many city agencies like the fire department with their own special FLIR product, police, search and research and lots more. Again the possibilities for such a device is wide spread so it is just a matter of time before you start to see more and more people using them.

The nice thing also is that the case comes with two cameras on it’s back so that way you can take in depth photos, panoramic thermal images, and even time lapse thermal photos so you can find out if something is happening somewhere over a period of time. Like maybe your water heater has a leak but it only happens at random times and you need to find out where it’s coming from.

The market for smart phone cases is growing and it shows by what companies are creating based on what they think consumers want, like a phone case that encrypts everything your phone does by creating a shell around it with it’s own physical design. But if you are not looking for something tech savory but more for showing off then you can always get yourself a 24-carat iphone case either in gold or platinum and encrusted with diamonds or not encrusted. Just don’t be shocked at the sticker price.

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