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In an effort to raise awareness for suicide prevention, people look to Mrs. Doubtfire

In an effort to show care and concern for preventing suicide people all over have been putting forth their best Mrs. Doubtfire face and posting it online. The groups’ hash tag is #DoubtFireFace and you can search for it through twitter or online. You can see the many videos that people have already posted on youtube, facebook, and twitter. As a scene that is a classic piece of film history now you can take a look at the role that made everyone wish they had a nanny like Mrs. Doubtfire growing up.

You can see more videos that people have posted in this Huffington Post Article showing their own Doubtfire face. A quick search on youtube pulls up many other videos as well.

If you are interested in helping out, please visit the many sites dedicated to stopping suicide from happening.

Facebook Page – DoubtFireFace
Help Raise Money for the Program
National Suicide Prevention Program – 1-800-273-8255

This Man told us it was ok to laugh again after 9/11

There are very few people who can do certain things well and even fewer that can do them so great it puts them on a whole another level. You often wonder what makes them tick, how they work, and where they get their inspiration from. They will always leave you wondering because sometimes even they don’t know. Asking a genius what makes them a genius is a difficult question to answer for the listener asked because sometimes they do not even feel that they count as a genius, yet in everyone’s eyes they are. Michael Jackson never thought of himself as a musical genius or legend because he would often compare himself to all the greats before him and say that he would never be as great as they were but as the whole world knew, he was truly a legend like no other.

When I heard the news that the world lost another important soul in this world, it was very hard to take. Very few people can do what this person did. He could take a simple idea and turn it into something amazing. Many people said that he thought faster than the speed of light because he would be onto so many different things that you had trouble trying to keep up with the last few things he said but everything he said was hilarious and it made you feel good about yourself knowing that there was a man like him in this world.

When the US experienced it’s attack on the twin towers the whole country went into mourning. No one had ever felt so down about what had happened and the number of lives that were lost. All the programming on TV had been changed to reflect the mood that Americans’ were feeling. The hardest TV show to deal with this tragedy was Saturday Night Live, the producer of the show, Lorne Michaels, was looked to by the cast to figure out if they should do a show or not the following saturday after the attacks. He knew that the show had to go on because if it didn’t where would everyone turn to too make them laugh? That episode after the attacks was hard to watch because even the cast members were still dealing with their own personal grief, they knew they had to do their best to show that the world kept moving forward. They made sure also to not step on any sore subjects.

The show progressed but it took awhile for it to come back to where it was and the ratings at the time didn’t fare so well but they pulled through. Through all the pain and suffering though there was one man who said that the US needed to know it was ok to laugh again. He created this amazing show and toured many cities in the US before taping what many now know as his “Live on Broadway” performance. For anyone that has watched it the show is absolutely hilarious (and if you haven’t I put it down below for you to enjoy his wonder talent). His talent on earth was to make people laugh and he did it in everything he talked about and the movies he starred in, both the funny and heart-warming ones. If laughter was currency he would be the world’s richest man.

His movies were amazing and there is one story I will always remember. When I was a teenager I had a acting performance I was about to give. My uncle had taken me to go see a movie of his that came out at the time because he told him it would be great for me to see the performance of an amazing actor before I was to go and act. He took me to go see “The Birdcage” and it has since been one of my favorite movies. I have never forgotten that experience watching that movie for the first time. Infact every time I watch that movie I want to move to South beach and live there. He made it look like so much fun. If you have never seen that movie go watch it and realize this was a man who could take any role and make it great. Then again, this was a man who got into Julliard because of his talents for performing. They put up a photo of him in honor of being a graduate form there.
Robin Williams

The movie he did on the doctor who used humor to provided free care to patients is another great movie of his. I even got to meet the real Patch Adam’s once and even got to give the man a great big bear hug because that is how the real Patch Adams liked to meet people. He was never fond of the regular hand shake he said. They say that laughter is the best medicine, in that case Robin was the best doctor the world has lost.

There are so many movies and TV shows of Robin that I enjoyed watching that it is just so hard to pick just one. I remember watching Mrs. Doubtfire so many times when it came out that I knew ever part of that movie by heart. Today I now tell kids about it and watch it with them to show what an amazing comic genius he was. I even read the book that inspired the movie. It was a very fun read. I think that every film he made left some kind of impression on me and that is what kept me going in telling jokes. I enjoy doing stand-up comedy and enjoy making people laugh. It’s not easy but when you can get someone to laugh it’s the best feeling in the world so I understand why he pushed so hard to make people laugh.

I realize this post is not about business or entrepreneurship but if you look closely, everything that business and this world is based on is built on the people that affect our lives; it all comes down to the relationships we have with people. They don’t necessarily have to be people we’ve met but the ones that inspire us and that is what Robin Williams did for so many in this world. He really taught us how to laugh, not only at our selves but in general. They say that getting someone to cry is hard through a performance but the real challenge lies in trying to get someone to laugh and that is what made him a genius and legend in his own right. He will be missed. Thanks for all the laughs and tears of joy. I’m sorry I never got to meet you.

I was going to include the full interview he did on Inside the Actors’ Studios but they have since taken it down from Youtube which is terrible because he really gave a great interview but I did include one clip from the interview. I did include the full show of his performance for Live on Broadway which is the one he did after the attacks and then his second stand-up performance he did later on. If you have never seen it, take the time now to experience what he gave to the world. I also included a few of his other performances.

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This business had to change its policy because of the discount they offered

The challenge to running any kind of business is you always have to listen to what your customers are saying. In very rare cases where you can ignore what the customers are saying because you know the end result will be exactly what they want is difficult to know for sure. Only Steve Jobs and maybe a handful more were able to do that and get away with it. In those cases you are tempting the fate of your own company on the hopes that what you think they will like in the end will work. That doesn’t always turn out to be true unless you absolutely know.

In other cases where you are just trying to do good for the general public it can come back to bite you in the butt as this one restaurant learned the hard way. A restaurant in North Caroline called, “Mary’s Gourmet Diner,” offered a 15% discount for anyone who prayed before their meal. The whole event turned into a viral sensation when a christian radio station, Z88.3 from Orlando, Florida posted a photo of someone’s receipt offering a discount on their facebook page congratulating the restaurant for doing that. That is when everything started happening. The photo was liked thousands of times and plenty of comments soon followed, both good and bad.

Creating Policies
The policies you create between your business and your customers create the type of impression you want to give off. Many times the policies that companies create are for the protection of the company not to lose money. Many first time business owners can not afford the services of high-end image/brand consultants to help with crafting their policies because most first time entrepreneurs do not consider brand consultants important. Anytime anything in your company comes in contact with a potential customer it creates an impression of that brand in that consumer’s head. The experience is what the customer takes away and may possibly tell others about in the form of a bad review or positive review.

When creating any kind of policy that will have far reaching consequences always consider the following

1. Does the policy limit any kind of behavior on those it doesn’t affect?

2. Before the policy is put into place are there any people that might be negatively affected?

3. Can the policy be expanded/limited once it is implemented?

4. What type of experience will the policy reflect on the company?

5. Does the policy improve or make harder the intended experience for the customer?

6. How often will the policy affect people on any given day?

7. What is the intended result on such a policy?

8. Will the outcome be better, worse, or the same after the policy is put out? If worse, can the policy be changed or improved?

9. Are there any legal consequences that such policy might bring about?

10. Does the policy infringe on any rights that potential customers feel they are entitled to?

Branding a Company Image
The policies you set create the brand people will come to know you for. If you want to be known for excellent customer service then you want a service department that makes it very easy for customers to find and get what they need done, including a simple return policy. There are many companies that are created everyday by people who forget the importance of branding because they are focused on creating an amazing product that will get people to overlook the need for anything else. That is a huge mistake.

Apple created the image in consumer minds’ that any product you buy is of high quality and they back that up by creating sleek styled products that not only look nice but also feel nice when you touch them. This creates two types of impressions, one that is subjective (which can have more far reaching possibilities) and, another that is physical so you know that your impressions matched what you received. The reason why Microsoft Windows has a bad reputation is because they are creating a system that has a high chance of failure. Consumers are not interested in knowing how difficult it is to create an operating system, instead they just want to know, “will it work when I turn it on?” If their impression of the commercials does not meet with their own personal experience then Microsoft now has to go into brand image protection to keep the bad reviews from taking over. This can be difficult if the intended result did not match with what people experienced. The same is said for when Mary’s tried to create a safe place for people with religious convictions.

The other side to this issue is that Mary is the owner of this restaurant and she should be allowed to run it the way she wants to. That is very true and any business owner is allowed to structure and create all the policies they want for their business. No one will argue with that but the second your customers, the very source in which you are able to stay in business, disagrees with how you run your business stops coming then you have a choice to either change or close shop. That is the hard part about being an entrepreneur and business owner, after awhile the business no longer belongs to you, except in legal name only, but it belongs to the community and it is the image they have created in their own head that makes your business something to be shared by everyone, even those that feel they have a right to frequent it with out any problems.

Not all Policies are Created Equal
It is hard to believe that people would attack someone who was just trying to do something nice. The diner thought that by rewarding those who prayed before they ate with a discount it would encourage more of those that did pray at home, but were too afraid to do it in public, the opportunity to not be afraid to display their beliefs. In a country where freedom of religion is thought to be a constitutional right there are still those that believe their religion is still more important than others.

The right to believe in any religion in this country is what divides many areas. Chances are when you look for a home you do not look for a home based on how nice it looks or the value of the land or other economic means, you base it off of who else lives in that neighborhood. Birds of a feather flock together and that is non more so true when it comes to anything like religion, age, work, race, education, and even wealth. A person who follows one belief will probably not want to live in a neighborhood where many other’s believe in something different, probably out of fear that their children might learn something true and new about this world that they don’t want them learning in the first place. So much for freedom of thinking in this country.

In an effort to help promote the right to religious freedom, which, if the restaurant was a corporation could defend it’s right to religious freedom thanks to the Hobby Lobby ruling but considering that the diner is not, the owner had no choice but to take the policy away. Why? Because the lawsuit brought on by the Freedom from Religion Foundation felt that it intruded on their own right to their freedom of religious expression, which in their part they represent agnostics, atheists, and skeptics. It just takes one person, or group, to feel that their right to freedom of religious expression is being trampled on and they sue.

If you take that same way of thinking that so many of these non-profits, and the law firms that represent them, have you begin to see that so many of the laws that are our constitutional rights are being leveled right before out eyes, not out of pure justice, but just because the other side has more money to spend on such a lawsuit. The benefit of religion, in general, is to learn to enjoy and tolerate one another and to help our fellow neighbor, and in just writing that harmless sentence, there are a number of people out there who felt that what I just said intruded on their rights as citizens to believe and act as they feel; not by what some book said a long time ago.

Every year around the country countless religious groups go onto college campuses and preach the word from their book. They start reading passages and what always amazes me is the number of people who get sucked in to arguing with these people. If you stop and look at the make up of these volatile crowds you begin to see the small groups that form around the speaker; the ones that don’t follow the same religion; the one that don’t believe in religion; the ones that follow the same religion and are listening and defending. The issue is a very charged one and enough though that they are trying to inform others (and recruit at the same time), their methods need work. The next day there is usually an article in the school paper that explains the different view points from students who agree with the message and from students who felt they were being discriminated against just by allowing them on campus in the first place. Those groups tend to side on the issue of not feeling safe, which most groups will use as a defending factor.

For Mary’s Diner she hit a nerve when she thought offering a discount would do some good for the community. The challenge to that is it only does good if you believe in the same religion and for those that don’t it makes them feel not welcomed.

Similar Policies
The challenge with restaurants trying to offer special discounts is that you will always hit a nerve with any population. The problem is that you might get hit with a lawsuit because it didn’t favor one small minority group or you did make every one feel welcomed. In a world that is a melting pot of ideas, feelings, backgrounds, religions, it is nearly impossible to please anyone and that is what makes running a business so challenging. If you hit a nerve with one person then that negative review will get looked at 20 times more than the review that was positive. Why? People like reading the ugly stuff more than the nice stuff. Go figure.

If you look at what Mary did and compare it to other restaurants that have done similar things you will see there is no difference.

One restaurant offered a discount if you make sure your children behaved themselves

Another restaurant offers discounts if you make reservations for dinner at 5:30

This restaurant has a policy of “No noisy kids,” adults love it

These are just a few policies that are similar to what Mary tried to do. In each case there were a group of people who thought the policy was unfair and discriminated against others. The same was the case with Mary’s diner. A family who doesn’t practice any religion might feel they are being discriminated against when they see another family praying before their meal. In many cases, the parents of non-believers don’t want their children exposed to such behavior, therefore their response to such policies is that it makes them have to do more as parents in public than they should have to.

The lawsuit that was brought against Mary’s eventually led the restaurant to take it’s prayer discount away because they could not afford such a trivial event. This is a lose to an action that this country was built on in the very beginning but as this country moves forward and as more and more religions are allowed their own space, well, it will be difficult for all those religions to not to overlap at some point and infringe on someone’s rights and when that happens, we all lose a little bit more of our freedoms in the end. It just takes one person or group to hinder it for the rest of us in this country.

So the next time you try and create a policy that you think will have a positive impact, make sure to consider just who might feel they are being discriminated against. It will save you a lot of heartache in the end, on a higher note she probably got a lot more business from those that supported her.

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This iPhone case lets you see through walls

We have phone cases now that let you put on your favorite photo on the case or charge your phone or attach cool things to your phone but apparently that wasn’t enough. Now you can see through things with the new FLIR One iPhone case that even comes with its own power supply. That is a good thing since the simplest of apps can drain your battery in like a few minutes. Luckily the people who made this case considered that it needed to have its own power supply so that way the phone can continue to actually work.

You can use this for many practical uses like checking for things trapped inside your walls, if something got caught in a pipe, if something is behind a wall that you can not get to, but I know that the one use that this case might lead to would be checking if someone is inside a home, room, or car. People who are concerned about entering their home late at night can use this iPhone case to check to see if anyone is inside the home that shouldn’t be there. For the rich kids who ask their parents to buy them this they might find the case useful on camping trips when they are too afraid to look out side their tent to see if something is there.

Why do I say rich kids? Because you need to have a lot of money to be able to afford the case. The price tag on this puppy is $350 for the iPhone 5/5s model. But incase you are wondering if you get any perks with that you do. You get the free app that you can download to be able to use the case. Don’t you feel special now. You can still download the app it just won’t do much. If you want to see just how it all works before you go and buy the thing you can use the online simulator the company has provided on their website to check it out.

The maker of the case is called FLIR ONE and you can visit their website to learn more about it. The case has a lot of useful features but my concern is that people who like to steal or rob places will use this case for evil. The product is already in use by many city agencies like the fire department with their own special FLIR product, police, search and research and lots more. Again the possibilities for such a device is wide spread so it is just a matter of time before you start to see more and more people using them.

The nice thing also is that the case comes with two cameras on it’s back so that way you can take in depth photos, panoramic thermal images, and even time lapse thermal photos so you can find out if something is happening somewhere over a period of time. Like maybe your water heater has a leak but it only happens at random times and you need to find out where it’s coming from.

The market for smart phone cases is growing and it shows by what companies are creating based on what they think consumers want, like a phone case that encrypts everything your phone does by creating a shell around it with it’s own physical design. But if you are not looking for something tech savory but more for showing off then you can always get yourself a 24-carat iphone case either in gold or platinum and encrusted with diamonds or not encrusted. Just don’t be shocked at the sticker price.

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These guys became Billionaires by taking other people’s ideas

Article updated: [9/10/2014]

Walk into any entrepreneur conference or brain storming session and you will hear ideas being shared all over. Try and talk to an entrepreneur about their secret idea they have been working on and they just might ask you to sign a Non-disclosure agreement (NDA). You might look at them and think, “why would I want to steal your idea when there are literally thousands being shared all over in this room but also on the internet?”

It takes an average person to put in the hard work to find the next best thing but it takes a certain genius to work smart to find the simplicity of doing business. A smart man might work day and night on his project in his basement trying to figure out all the problems and get it to work right but it takes a genius to pull together talent to do all the work for him. He might create a forum online asking people how they might solve a simple problem. He might write down everyone’s answers and then go back in to the same forum, while creating another forum elsewhere, and ask the question, “what would be the first step to building that thing,” and while people are responding to that question in the other forum he made, he could pose the question, “say someone needs help with <the very problem he posed in the first forum> and this thing that does this and that, what would be the tools he needs to build it?” This man simply took the work of other people and put it together in a way that worked without so much as typing on his keyboard.

That man working in his basement is the image we all have come to know as the American genius who worked out of his garage or basement and created the next great American company. He is remembered for his hard work and dedication but also for his genius of creating something no one else could think of. The second man is today’s business man who is looking to establish himself, not as a hard worker of business or even a genius of business, but as someone who knows how to clone and replicate on any scale. This man views business school as the connecting factor to people of importance but also as a way to focus their view on what everyone else is doing.

Samwer Brothers
If you were to ever meet someone who steals other people’s ideas for a living you might call them a thief but it’s not considered stealing if where you come from it doesn’t exist. All over the world there are people who look into what other countries are doing and then take that company’s idea and create it where they live. In their point of view, no sense in racking your brain over creating the next original business idea, when you can take what already works and build it for your country. You don’t need to know a lot about business to work as an entrepreneur in this fashion just need to know a lot about different companies and how they operate in order to clone and replicate.

Meet Marc, Oliver, and Alexander Samwer who are all about to become billionaires off the very idea of taking American  and Chinese companies and cloning them all over the world. If the idea is successful in America then why can’t it be successful in Germany or Indonesia, after they have made a few tweaks to them? As it turns out it can be a very successful operation for these brothers and that is exactly what they learned in business school. During their time in America studying in San Francisco they ventured out and explored what American companies were doing and studied them. They learned everything about what they were doing, and even wrote a book about it, so that they could then take that and build it back home or anywhere that needed it.

Theses area few of the companies they have cloned and made millions off of and soon to be billions off of.

American Company          Cloned Version
Zappos                               Zalando                      Lazada
eBay                                   Alando
Facebook                           StudiVZ
Groupon                            CityDeal

Many of the cloned companies have since been absorbed into their American originator after finding out how successful they were in other countries. This helped the American company to expand their operations and then study the clone’s operations of how they matched cultural and consumer interests, which is not an easy thing to accomplish.

If you look at their company’s main website, Rocket Internet, you can see how they show all the companies they have cloned all over the world from companies inside China and the U.S. Their whole business model of entrepreneurship is not to create the next original thing but to take what already works, improve it to the customers you are working with, and sell to them. It’s very difficult to come up with an original idea and almost not worth the effort anymore when you can simply take what someone else has already done and make it your own and then build it.

After their company goes IPO each brother will probably take home close to a billion each or maybe a little more. The important thing to understand about how they did business was that they held majority voting power in their company in order to stay in control. When you study their company, they created a company that has specialized in the art of cloning businesses, something you don’t hear talked about very often. Instead if you were to ask a random entrepreneur what business they are working on, chances are you won’t hear them say, “I take companies that are already successful and clone them to work in other countries.”

What they did was a very smart move. They worked smart not hard, but they did put in the long hours and hard work to make it all happen but they didn’t spend wasted hours trying to come up with the next best thing.

Tips for Entrepreneurs reading this
1. Don’t look at this and say, “oh, well I will just google “companies in Australia” and find one to copy and I too will become rich.” If you read this article and think that is how easy it is, you are forgetting the hard work they put in first. Yes, these guys just copied business models and took them else where but you are forgetting that they studied these companies to understand every aspect of how they worked and why they worked.

2. Maybe you have an MBA and know a thing or two about business and would consider doing what they did. Great, go for it, but how will you raise the funds? The challenge to doing what they did was that they scaled their business clones very quickly to match the demand that was already there. If you think you can clone, let’s say, Amazon again in another country, well just how do you suppose you will be able to meet the demand that will come from it and not only that but how will you manage to survive financially, Remember, even though Amazon is the giant of internet shopping it still struggles to pull in a profit and for the first ten years it was in the red and just recently in the news it posted a negative earnings.

3. Start small and then slowly scale with an idea from another country to see how it works. Just because one restaurant in another country has a long line every night doesn’t the same thing in a country where people don’t even know what half the things on the menu are. Maybe you found how one company has fixed neighborhood crime by installing special lighting at community parks and waling areas to get people out more. It might be a good idea first to see what kind of people make up that neighborhood it works so well in and why.

4. If what you read sounds so easy that it has encouraged you to find an idea and clone it and you have never started a business before then you are setting yourself up for hardship in the end. In the many articles I have written the one thing I emphasis the most is putting in the hard work. What the brothers did was take another person’s idea and make it their own but selling that to investors was probably not an easy thing to do and all the setbacks and hardships they went through showed that they did not give up. Scaling an idea like Amazon on the internet is probably one of the greatest challenges of creating a business online. Read books like How to Get Rich and How to be Rich. They will wake you up to understand just what kind of work hours you will have to put in to get any business up and running, not to mention one that is profitable.

5. If you find a company overseas and you know for sure that it does not exist in your home country and you think you are onto something, do your homework and study that company like  you were in college. Learn how it manages its operations, how it hires people, how it markets and sells, the company culture, where it gets its financing from and anything else you can get your hands on. Read magazine interviews if there are any. If you find out that company is struggling, don’t get turned off by the idea but find out instead why; what could be causing that and if those same problems might occur in your own country.

6. Just because it worked well for one person doesn’t mean it will work the same for another. These guys are the cloners of businesses and that is something they have specialized in. They are the best at it and they have learned to turn it into a lucrative industry.

7. Ideas exist everywhere and it is evident by what people are doing with crowdfunding sites. No doubt someone is on those sites cloning some of the ideas they have found and producing them in their home city or state or even country. But take idea in stride and figure out all you need to know and out of respect, invest in their idea, if you plan on copying it.

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The Top Universities and Most Educated Places in America 2014

Everyone would love to attend the best school in America but not everyone can just for the simple reason that they make it so damn expensive. Just these past couple of months thousands of students who worked their hardest in school realized the reality of how this world really works. You can work your ass off and if you can not afford the price tag of the school you were accepted to then you have to settle for the next best affordable thing.

You might be saying to yourself, “but there are hundreds if not thousands of scholarships out there willing to give students who work hard and get good grades money so they can attend their prize school.” That I will not argue with and it is very true that there is a lot of free money out there but the surprising fact of the matter is that I see very few of the top students spending their time filling out all those scholarship applications and writing their essays because they are spending all their time instead in SAT prep courses and studying ahead for their upcoming classes during the school year and forgetting what it actually means to learn something.

When I hear students tell me that they don’t have enough time to fill out scholarship applications all that translates to is, “if I work hard enough schools will give me a lot of money to attend.” Yes, students really believe that and for those living in the cloud it is a long way down as they are slammed back into reality. In high school I had a friend who was valedictorian of their class and had perfect scores in all of their classes and was president of most student organizations they attended. In all that time they were in high school they would apply for any scholarship, no matter the prize amount, because they knew every bit helped. By the time the graduated and went to college they left with a scholarship package to pay both college and graduate school in full and still have money left over for many study abroad programs, to travel, and even go back to school again if they wanted. To this day they have not paid a dime in tuition but it would not be possible without all that hard work.

They did not have the money either to pay for these super expensive test prep programs but instead got free personal tutoring by individuals who got perfect scores. They networked and it paid off in the amount of free resources they received during their high school years. So anytime I hear a student telling me that they don’t have time to look for scholarships and write essays all the time they are literally expecting mommy and daddy to foot the rest of the bill and if you have been keeping up with this blog you know my feelings on how parents should handle college expenses – it should be the student’s responsibility to pay for all that. And if you are a parent who is reading this and thinking, “I would never do that to my child,” or “I understand but it doesn’t hurt to help a little.” No it doesn’t hurt to help a little like taking them to Wal-mart or Target to help dress up their dorm a bit but in all fairness that’s probably as far as paying for things should go.

So the next time your child asks how they expect to pay for college find out how they are doing with filling out scholarships and if you find your child spending more time studying then finding money you will have a huge problem on your hands, sorry, THEY, will have a huge problem on their hands when it comes time in deciding which school they can afford to attend.

Top Ten Schools
1. Williams College
2. Standford University
3. Swarthmore College
4. Princeton University
5. Yale University
6. Harvard University
7. MIT
8. Pomona College
9. U.S. Military Academy
10. Amherst College

America’s Top Colleges 2014

Smartest People
Living in a city where majority of the people are smart is nice because you know that if you run into anyone or strike up a conversation with someone it will at least be interesting what you two talk about. The other nice thing that happens is that the market in those areas improve because the intellectual capital concentrated in one region helps improve conditions. This is why Teach for America takes students from top schools and puts them in low performing school districts to help spread the intellectual wealth. Students end up doing better, the student teachers learn to appreciate the hardships of being poor and the economy benefits by having more smart people to create and share ideas.

So if you an a business person looking to capitalize on intellectual capital by hiring only smart people then you might want to look into moving to one of these cities, and if your really smart you will move to a city that is consider one of the best for startups and has the most educated people then you will get more bang for your buck.

Top Ten
1. Bethesda, MD
2. Potomac, MD
3. Wellesley, MA
4. Brookline, MA
5. Palo Alto, CA
6. Newton, MA
7. Lexington, MA
8. Chapel Hill, NC
9. Upper Arlington, OH
10. North Bethesda, MD

Most Educated Places in America 2014