A Story worth knowing about Venture Capitalists and how to protect yourself

Many people think that Venture Capitalists are a great thing and it is probably only the small group of people who have been financed by them that think that. A VC is only interested in what they can get out of the deal and less about what you hope your company becomes. If VCs worked in the interests of entrepreneurs the world of investing would be a very different place but since they don’t most are at their mercy.

I will not reproduce the story about what happened to the founder of Posse but it is one you will need to read for yourself about how to protect yourself about how VCs do business. For anyone thinking that they need a VC in order to get off the ground then you really don’t understand how business works. Teaching yourself business and getting some books on business is a good way to start because there are so many ways today to raise money without all the strings attached that VCs require. After you are done reading her story you can follow her on twitter to read about what else she is doing, great way to reach out to other entrepreneurs.

How Investors Can Kill a Business Without Losing Money Themselves

If after reading this article you are a scared to do any kind of business with them you just have to remind yourself that they are simply an option, not a requirement. But in order to bring your spirits back up about wanting to start your own business you can read this great article about why you should become an Entrepreneur.


One thought on “A Story worth knowing about Venture Capitalists and how to protect yourself

  1. Dottie Thurston


    Thanks for all that you do. I quickly looked at all of the information which you sent out after Tuesday’s meeting and ” thought that I stored it to read at a latter time “. Some how, I have either lost it or it is actually stored in some obscure site. Would you mind to resend all of it to me again. Also, is it possible, without too much interruption to your schedule to switch the crowd funding sessions to September or November versus October. October 20th week is the week I will be out of town.


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