This App can Literally Save Lives

Imagine you are in the store and your child accidentally swallows something and starts choking. You start yelling for help but no one around you knows CPR. You call 911 and they tell you that it will be a couple of minutes before anyone can show up. Your child’s face is already turning blue and you realize there is not much time left. You have several options you can, watch a youtube video on how to perform CPR, read an article real quick about how to do chest compressions and breathing rates, or you can use this miracle app, PulsePoint, to get help in seconds.

PulsePoint is an app that pools together people all over who are certified and trained in the act of saving lives using CPR. You can click the app and register as a first responder and on the other side you can use the app to send out an alert to all in the area who have the app that there is an emergency that requires their assistance. This app is now being required for many in the Jersey City area and Hudson County as they will be joining over 600 other communities who are already using the app.

How it Works
The app works when EMS dispatchers receive a phone call about anyone needing CPR, such as someone going into cardiac arrest or someone choking or not breathing. Just like an Amber alert on phones people with the app will hear the same sound and be notified if their services are needed. They will be given an address and brief description of the situation, including where the nearest AED is located. First responders need to know how to perform CPR and use a defibrillator.

A Scary Situation
For one lady who’s baby who stopped breathing her rescuer, Jeff Olson a volunteer EMT, was just two blocks away when he got the alert on his phone while he was working in his mechanic shop. He ran over to the place of the situation and asked where the baby was, he was directed over and immediately knew what to do. He saved the child’s life just in time.

The app also lets tells you where emergency vehicles are headed so you know how long it will be before they arrive or to avoid traffic jams. This is one app that more and more people need to have. There are still lots of counties and emergency call centers that do not have this app so it’s important that more and more people know about this amazing life saving app.

It should be noted that this app is not about making money but about saving lives through the help of good Samaritans looking to help others. As for the legal ramifications go, none have popped up yet but as this app begins to grow in popularity, you can be sure something will go wrong with good people trying to help.

Please download this app and install it on your phones. If you are certified in CPR please sign up as a first responder and let others know about the app. You never know when your life might depend on someone having the app.

Apple Store
Android (Google Play) Store

Pulse Point Website
Pulse Point Twitter

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