Having Trouble Keeping up with Small Business News?

I’ll tell you its not easy trying to keep up with all the news that is out there about anything and everything but there is a method to how I handle it. For those that just want to focus on news for entrepreneurs and small business owners I found an article that will help give you the gist of what is really happening out there. All of the news provided is fairly current so check out the list and click on something that catches your attention (or if your like me, you’ll read all of them). I also included an article about how one person went up against Amazon after getting kicked out and how he managed to turn his business around. Then I added another article about how marijuana use is affecting company’s hiring practices.

Remember the whole idea is to learn to be flexible in a world where ideas are a dime-a-dozen and small businesses pop up faster than weeds after a thunderstorm. The key challenge is learning how to adapt to changes in the market.

Break down of Business News in One Sentence Each

Surviving Battle with Amazon

Learn why companies of all sizes are struggling to deal with marijuana users and what this court ruling could mean for hiring practices across the country

Small Business Challenge
Tell me what this company does and why they are changing the landscape for developers in class tomorrow?


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