What is Net Neutrality and why it affects you

Today is the day people are talking about Net Neutrality because it is a huge issue online. If you see the rotating icon on some of your favorite sites it goes to show that your internet service providers will be able to favor larger companies with deep pockets over small startup companies that rely on investors to keep them afloat.

The whole idea right now about net neutrality is that if a company wanted to increase traffic they could boost their speed on the internet by paying companies (because they control their networks), thus internet companies would be playing favorites with those that have money. The internet companies would get to control the speed in which certain companies operate on the internet. Almost like a rich person being allowed a speeding pass on the highway without getting a ticket only because they can afford to buy the pass, while those that can not afford to buy a “speeding pass” have to follow the speed limit.

This is what they are planing for the new rules and regulations. Just like how SOPA caused a huge up roar a few years ago that dealt with copyright infringement online (thank goodness that did not completely go through), what they are debating about now is that they want to allow internet service providers to control who gets easier access to websites and what websites will have their traffic reduced because it takes longer to access. Should such a practice be allowed? It all follows the model of greed. Cable companies believe that it should pass in their favor because it will increase innovation (cheap excuse) and keep those that don’t belong online off or at least make it harder to access.

It is viewed that people who use the internet should be the ones that determine what websites are successful and which ones are not, not the service providers, if passed, would allow them to make the decision about who gets special treatment over their networks. There should be no reason certain websites get special treatment over others. This affects you because you would find certain website take longer to access because they might be demoted on a cable provider’s list (like a blacklist) thereby making it harder to get traffic in the first place.

If you want to learn more read the article below and please voice your opinion on the second link about what you think of the FCC for allowing such a thing to happen.

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