Brian Chesky talks about the itch and motivation he had for Airbnb

The one thing that makes being an Entrepreneur easy is saying you want to become an entrepreneur, everything after that is the hard part. Brian Chesky talks about what drove him to creating Airbnb and how it all got started.

 Things to pay attention when reading the interview.

– What he thinks of parent’s and their advice
– Where inspiration really comes from
– The most important thing he had to learn
– The style in which he hires people
– How he looks for creativity
– How he became a leader

Airbnb is one of the most successful startup companies around the world now. It helps people find some of the most unique spaces to rent in the world that wouldn’t be available today if Brian didn’t pursue his dream. The interview covers what Brian was like as a kid and the things he often did with his time.

You will notice that for many people who create things they grew up already trying to improve something after learning all about it. They look at the whole picture after seeing the details. The best part of this all was that he knew what he was after once he found it and never let go it. He has created a special culture within his company and it shows for all the things Airbnb has done now.

Read his interview here

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