YouTube Opens Production Facility for Content Creators in Manhattan

YouTube Studio in Tokyo by Klein Dytham Architecture

YouTube Studio in Tokyo by Klein Dytham Architecture

It’s no surprise that YouTube has challenged traditional media channels. People now watch YouTube Channels every week just like they would a regular TV Show. YouTube creators do not have to worry about sensors on their show because it is the internet but creators also know that if they want the subscribers they need to create content that people will watch. That can be very difficult when you do not have the money to edit, shoot, and produce your own shows.

The idea behind Youtube was for people to shoot and make their own content how ever they wanted. The thing that most people don’t realize though is that the first group of people who posted quality stuff had access to production equipment already, like editing software, nice camera, and knew how to use special effects. Many people think that if you want to create a channel you just have to have a good idea and the rest will follow. That is true to an extent but you still need to edit your video in a way that will be interesting to watch, including adding music that isn’t copyrighted. Many will create their own music on top of that (hence having the musical equipment or knowledge of writing music) in order for them to say they can do everything. This has created a generation of people who come to expect editing skills, whether for film or graphics, as just a given now.

What Makes YouTube Special
The idea of why people are so taken with YouTube is because people know that anyone can become famous in their little part of the internet just by filming themselves in their room and maybe one day having a million subscribers. For many, the experience of hitting a million subscribers is one that they never forget, infact, it is very common for YouTubers’ to record themselves hitting one million subscribers to show how much it means to them. (These videos right here prove it Reaction Video 1Reaction Video 2).

The other thing that makes YouTube such a different place for getting started in entertainment is that you have no one telling you what to do with your show. Unlike traditional TV shows, you do not have higher-ups writing notes and telling you what you can and can not say on your show. You have total freedom to create whatever it is that you want to put out there. The challenge in learning how YouTube really works is getting subscribers because the more you have the more they will share your content with other people and the more hits your videos will receive. But they will also expect higher quality from you as you go, this feeling of always having to raise the bar can burn some people out.

Many people enjoy the challenge and for lots others it has given their life a purpose that they would not get from a regular film studio, where there are literally thousands of directors waiting for a studio to green light one of their projects. YouTubers only have to answer to their subscribers and put out as much work as they want. This gives them total freedom to work on what they want at their own pace. If a studio should offer them a film deal great, but no worries if they don’t get one because they are already busy making their own content online for the world to see.

Production Studio for YouTubers
YouTube has created these spaces in order for YouTubers to grow their channels and learn more about how the industry works, both the technical side of creating videos to the marketing and business side. The best part of all this is that YouTube has made these spaces free to anyone with a YouTube channel that has at least 5 thousand subscribers and is part of their Partner’s Program for Ad sharing.

The perks to all this is great considering that once you hit the 5k mark (no easy feat if you are thinking of trying) then you can start to get real community support. The space of these production facilities (now located in LA, Tokoyo, and London) also include classrooms for teaching, auditoriums, editing rooms, film equipment, and community collaboration rooms
(or as they call it, BrandLabs). The last one out of all these is probably the most powerful because you just might be hanging out with someone that has over a million or 2 subscribers. YouTube wants content creators to mingle and collaborate because it might mean the birth of a new channel for people to watch. For some people who use the space already, their audience numbers are larger than most traditional media events on TV every week. Think about that for a minute and also think about how there are still some people who think the internet is just a fad.

Getting space to shoot film for your show can be difficult and that is another reason why YouTube created these spaces. New York alone can be difficult to find a space to shoot in, without breaking someone’s wallet, so they knew allowing the free space would encourage more people to create channels and work hard on getting those first 5k subscribers. This lets them know how hard it is to build an audience but also makes sure that they are serious about what it takes to run a YouTube channel before letting anyone in to use their studio.

Doing Business with YouTube
The perks of free space are huge for many who are just starting out but for those that have been doing it a long time, the true cost of that free space becomes obvious. YouTube takes 45% of what you make from your video so in truth they are already paying for the space. This is why that have restrictions as to who can use their production facilities. You have to be part of the Ad-sharing program and have a large enough users who will help grow your show otherwise offering you free space would actually be costing them money in the long run.

Many people think that how YouTube has set up their profit sharing is bad for business. But YouTube sees it in another light, they are offering the space online to host your channel for free and if you just happen to hit it big then they deserve the right to share in that fortune. Business wise you take a big hit when trying to make money, especially if you only have 5k subscribers, but for those making millions off their channel it’s not that bad. The fame you get in return is how YouTube sees the fairness. Once you achieved your fame you can move on from YouTube and get an agent in Hollywood, like so many are doing now, and going the more traditional route, but many don’t do that because it would break from how their audience first discovered them.

YouTube has given the power over to people to create their own channel but running a channel is a lot harder than writing a blog. You have to shoot the video, time everything just right then edit the video, include music, and special effects and then upload it. For anyone who has never done that before it is very time consuming work, especially if you have never edited before. So the next time you watch a high quality YouTube video just know that many hours went into making that video.

Learn more about the production facilities of YouTube down below. If you wish to contact them you can use the information down below. Their website has all the upcoming classes listed for anyone who is approved to use the facilities. Check out what kind of classes they are offering them. You can also use the link to find out what it happening at all their other locations as well.

Phone: 212-565-1007
Address: 75 Ninth Ave, 6th Floor, New York, NY, 10011
Studio Website:
If you are interested in setting up a tour email them at

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