American Economy Number 2 in the World

Now that China produces more goods than the USA it just goes to show that they have now over taken our goods and services with $17.6 trillion (US $17.4 trillion) and will be poised to out pace us even further. When you look at what this means for globalization, it means their influence will be far and wide reaching. The global economy that has the bigger share of the pie also controls the influence in the world in terms of economic policy.

Read more about this below, and for those that thought learning chinese was a joke, they were not kidding. With more than a billion people living in China it is no wonder that they have finally overtaken our economy, given that we are still a small fraction of that number (316 million for US).


China and Globalization

The Chinese Economy

Understanding China

On China

News Articles

It’s Official: America number 2

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