How much money does your pet make for you? This cat just made $100 million

It’s funny to think that our pets could actually do anything that could actually be financially beneficial. Most of the time they just cost money to have and the only joy they bring is when they want your attention, good luck trying to get that from a cat. It’s a little hard to imagine a pet becoming the breadwinner in the family unless they are hollywood trained and require extensive amount of effort. In those cases animals like that are already expected to pull down work whenever they are needed but it’s different for a regular family to think that they could make money off their household pet but many still try.

Famous Internet Animal Celebs
There are some pretty cool youtube channels that showcase animals doing some pretty cool things. The whole challenge with that is that it is rare to catch the animal doing anything cute so most of the time it is a lot of waiting. For some lucky owners, the animal just has to sit there and they make money, wouldn’t that be a great pet to have? For some owners they have put in huge amounts of time with very little pay off.

Basketball Playing Mouse

You can watch more to learn what other tricks this amazing mouse can do. This goes to show that if you want your pet to do amazing things you should spend time teaching them, just as you would want your own child to grow up smart and attend college you must spend time everyday teaching them something new.

Mouse Agility YouTube Channel

Tillman the Pitbull that Skateboards

You will notice how much fun this dog has riding his skateboard around the park, while other dogs just sit and stare. Watch Tillman win a guinness world record. You can watch another dog play the video game version of skateboarding.

Chaser, The Most Scientifically Important Dog in over a Century

It’s hard to imagine the world dogs live in, they are surrounded by people who want to touch them all the time, everyone speaks a different language, and food is the main goal all day but dogs have the same learning challenge as a baby, they must turn sound into meaning. Even though Chaser knows that many words that still only puts her at the infant stage of cognition, which is still an amazing achievement. It’s important to know that you can do with this with any dog, you just have to be willing to put in the time and effort as this one retired psychology professor did. You can read more about chaser below.

Meet Chaser the Genius Dog

News Articles on Chaser
Meet the Dog that Knows a 1000 Words
Meet the Dog that knows 1022 Words
Sit, Stay, Parse. Good Girl!

Nana the Border Collie Performing Tricks

You will notice that the youtube channel is dedicated to showing their animals doing amazing tricks. This is not an easy task to achieve but almost every animal they have can perform some amazing task. Check out here channel to see what cool tricks these animals are doing.

Epic Rat Tricks

Nana Border Collie YouTube Channel

That’s all well and good but the problem with this whole situation is that these animals above are great, which is still a small slice of the pie of all the other animals I didn’t get to include, like this little cutie here, but they don’t bring in the big bucks. The only other animal that might challenge this is bobo the world’s cutest dog but I don’t know if the numbers have been released yet. The owner of this animal said that after posting stuff on to social media, she was able to quit her job as a waitress because of all the media attention and offers she was receiving at the time.

If this is the first time you are hearing about this animal then you are not understanding how to keep track of everything on the internet, it’s hard but it can be done. So let me introduce you to


The cat that just sits there and looks grumpy all the time.

Yea, so if your wondering just how this cat could make so much money, it all has to do with the power of social media. After posting photos up online people started adding comments on them to show what the cat was thinking.

It’s amazing to think that this cat has her own website, wikipedia page, facebook page, book deals, won numerous awards, and a movie that just came out. Her actual name is Tardar Sauce but as most people have said, the reason she looks that way is because of the name she was given.

It’s hard to imagine that an animal with a genetic disorder could pull in more money that some celebrities in hollywood and that is exactly what Grumpy cat is doing. With her social influence online she is commanding attention by many large media outlets and festivals. She has been at the SXSW festival many times and even had time to attend the Game of Thrones exhibit in Austin where she got to take her picture on the throne itself.

Of course it goes without saying that people were quick to add memes out of the photos.

The power that Grumpy Cat has is really the first the industry has seen because before animals that were famous were run and controlled through Talent Agencies that trained them in the first place. Grumpy Cat had none of that and probably wonders why she gets so much attention all the time. The lines at festivals for people to take a picture with her tend to snake around corners with wait times in the hours. Grumpy even gets better seats than most celebs at award shows.

I should note that the $100 million was earned over a two year period and for any regular household cat, that is very good money. The owner has denied that Grumpy Cat has earned that much money but when you look at everything Grumpy has done it’s easy to see that she is not far off. So if you would like to catch up on what this cat means in terms of social media power, check out all her social media links below and be sure to send her a tweet congratulating her on her new social power, chances are though she will be bothered at your failed attempt to gain her attention and just look grumpy.

If you want to learn about another cat that is almost as famous as Grumpy Cat you can check out Lil Bub and learn why she is also famous by checking out her wikipedia page.

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