Community College Gave this Man his Purpose in Life

They say college is where one goes if they want to learn more about themselves. This is true if you have some type of purpose, within a structured environment, that are you are looking for. College’s today are different from what they are supposed to be. College: What it is, was, and should be is a book about the purpose colleges are supposed to serve and why they are not anymore. Colleges of any type are designed to help a person grow and discover who they are. They help you see what it is you are interested in, they provide the same kind of students around you to bond with, but they also challenge you. The idea behind college is that you grow as a person. If you leave college with the same beliefs and ideas you went in with, you wasted your money. College is meant to challenge those beliefs, ideas, and self-identity because it means you went beyond what was asked of you in class. You did the required readings but were inspired by the readings to read other books that inspired those books.

Community college is meant to act as a stepping stone to a larger plate of interest. It is a place that provides you with a variety of basic courses that are meant to help you find your life’s calling. There are many student groups to join, part-time jobs on campus to explore, and professors to meet. If you have the impression that community college is only for those that couldn’t get into a real college then you don’t really understand people. The high cost of going to a major university or college keeps majority of people from attending. Why spend thousands of dollars when you can spend hundreds and still learn the same material? Does the name of the university really matter? As this study showed, No it doesn’t.

Your motivation to learn beats out any major university so don’t ever think that the name of the school you attend will guarantee your success later on. This man showed that his years at a community college defined his career goals later on. He learned his basic skills that he still uses to do his life’s work now. If you want to get the most out of an education, don’t worry about the name of the school, worry about how much time you put into studying. Your level of motivation will beat out any Ivy league student who is just putting in the bare minimum to pass. After all the best thing you can give to somebody is a public library card, and last time I checked those were free. In all my times in different libraries I have seen people spend hours in those places reading and studying over a period of time only to leave that place an educated person with skills to match.

Now that Obama wants to make the first two years free at community colleges,  a plan that most will push against, hopefully will get passed. This really will help a lot of people but in the mean time more parents and kids need to learn the importance of getting a proper up-bringing and education. It will surprise many that most junior and senior high school students already have free access to community college classes, very free ever take advantage of it.

The movie Larry Crowne is about what his time was like in community college and what it meant to him when he attended.

I owe it all to Community College

Obama plan would help many go to community college for free

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