The Hoverboards of the Future

Back to the Future is responsible for showing the world how much fun Hoverboards could be. Ever since that movie came out all people have been wanting is their very own board so they can do all the things Marty McFly did minus being chased by bullies with cooler Hoverboards than the one he had. In the last few months and years there has been more talk about the technology that BTTF showed the world and if we would have it by the time of the actual date in the movie of when Marty went to the future. We have a good portion of everything in the movie except the type of cars and self-drying jackets but pretty much everything else we have nailed down.

We have door locks that we can open with our finger print, cable channels that number into the hundreds if not thousands, social media, self-tying shoes, and lots more that the movie couldn’t have predicted. It is important to understand how much movies shape our way of living. If it wasn’t for the idea of a man who invented a time machine in the 80s, what kind of future would we have today if we weren’t inspired and motivated to create those same things on screen. Minority report inspired us to create more air touch interactive devices.

Hendo came out with a version that is similar to the Hoverboard but the only problem is that you need a floor full of cooper to help keep it afloat. Last check their website wasn’t working so it will be interesting to see what exactly happens to product or if it ever makes it to market. If you want to watch their promo video just click below.

Now another contender has entered the market for Hover technology. The industry is taking off because it makes sense. If people can travel on air instead of on tar wheels then there will be less demand for oil to make tires. In another video down below you will see a hoverbike that is gaining in popularity because it is similar to the one in Star Wars, again, another example of movies inspiring the future.

The promo video for the new contender of Hoverboard makers shows promise but not enough. The race is on for Oct 21 2015, the date Marty goes to the future. The world is racing to get many of those other items made but the world just wants their flying cars and hoverboards already. Shouldn’t we at least have those by now? Well we do and it is just a matter of time before they become another great thing to add that many people will want.

In the meantime I believe this hoverbike will take off more in popularity because more people will be able to ride this then the Hoverboard. Aerofex is a contender in the hoverbike world, it works using fans to keep the person upright and moving. AeroFex has been around for awhile now but other makers are just now coming around. Watch the video below to learn more.

The latest company to enter the market used kickstarter to help raise money to get this project off the ground. The US Army is interested in working with them because these bikes can do things that regular bikes cannot. The name of the company is Malloy Aeronautics and they seem to be gaining a lot of attention recently.

The future of transportation, whether it is for fun or personal travel, will be very different than what we are used to having. The hoverbike will make it easier for people to travel over larges areas of land without hurting the ground. People will be able to move easily over land and water something a regular bike is unable to do. If these projects reach the market then more people will be able to tinker with them and improve on them. If you want to learn more about these companies click on the links throughout the article and the ones down below.

If you want to buy your own Hoverboard from the movie then you can buy one on Amazon. Just remember it doesn’t fly, yet.

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