Hi, My name is Chris and I am an Entrepreneur.

I bring in Entrepreneurship programs into areas that are interested in expanding their business programs for community members, both teens and adults.

I have been changing the way people look and think about stuff for over a decade. My background in psychology allows me to peer inside the human interaction of things and bring out the important parts to know and understand. Whether you are looking to start a business for the first time, or for the 100th time, I make the difficult look easy.

Short Business Background:
Self-Taught with formal schooling on the basics of business administration. I hold a degree in psychology where I work with kids in various settings. I have been working for myself since I first learned that you could do that. I built and ran my own education training company for people looking to improve their job skills or for personal enrichment. I traveled all over central texas offering courses in various areas. I work in the education, technology, and entertainment fields.
For a complete breakdown of my educational background, just ask me.

My Education Philosophy
If finding a job is what you are after, go after what they are looking for, be it from a school, library, YouTube, some website, or stranger; the resources are out there you just have to be creative.

If finding a job is NOT what you are after, then the sky is the limit. Why spend $100,000 dollars on a college education what you could get for a $1.00 in library late fees instead. You have to want it in order to get it. Remember at any point you can always hop into a car, bus, train, plane and go anywhere you want. You just have to know how to do it. Self-learning gets you there.

If you would ever like to sit down for a cup of tea I’m always happy to meet with new people and talk. Just shoot me a message.