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Have you applied for your ticket to Mars yet?

This idea might seem far fetched but it was proposed, along with an open-cattle call more than a year ago, to send a group of people to mars to live there permanently. Anyone 18 years or older would be able to submit their application for review knowing full well that if they were chosen for the mission that they would not be returning to earth.

Space Exploration
Thanks to movies like 2001: A Space Odyssey, Star Wars, and Star Trek humans have entertained the idea of what it would be like to travel through space and meet new species. Just the idea of leaving earth and visiting planets within our solar system has been an impossible task just because of financial and natural reasons. The only reason why the Star Trek universe works is because their way of life is different from the one we have today, granted of course they are still hundreds of years away from our present day, there is still a chance mankind might evolve into a community were money is no longer a thing and people only work to better themselves. That is why money doesn’t exist in the Star Trek Worlds and they are able to advance themselves so much faster.

Traveling from planet to planet is a difficult task because of fuel, energy, and life support systems, all of which cost money. Humans need food in order to live and without it, they die so traveling from just Earth to Jupiter alone would be a major undertaking just in terms of fuel, food, and oxygen which have to be stored somewhere requiring majority of the ship to be used as a storage unit. The satellites that have already left our solar system work because they don’t require any of that extra weight, they function off of solar energy and can work non-stop.

Imposed Restrictions
Money does exist for us and because it is one of our greatest limiting factors we have placed on ourselves we must work within the confines that it produces. In order to get a mission like this off the ground, lots of training, resources, and support will be needed to launch this program successfully. The chance of it going through is very low because at any point funding could drop out and the company managing the operation, Mars One, would be left with a very large bill.

Their hope is that with publicity and enough support they will be able to get the funding they need in order to launch the 40 or so people they will select and train in order to go live on Mars. Mars One estimates this project to be around $6 billion, a price that was determined more than a year or so ago, in which time of course, that price has probably gone way up since then. The planed settlement date is set for 2023 with a second mission planned for 2025, with various other unmanned supply missions landing before and throughout those periods.

The Application process has been closed since they have received enough to go through to determine who will be allowed to go. They did set limits as to who would be allowed to go since they can not send just anyone. In order for someone to meet eligibility requirements they must be mentally fit, able to get along with others regardless of conditions, physically fit, able to understand basic survival skills, and of course, not claustrophobic. Another one they have limited the program to is only for single individuals, no one in relationships or even couples for that matter are allowed into the program. The stress of being in a relationship of that matter would cause someone to lose focus of the mission and when it all comes down to it, even though money no longer counts over there, at least for the time being, it is still a job that all the applicants are fulfilling. They will be carrying out small projects, missions for companies, and their own personal projects. One of the biggest issues they will need to handle though is death. They will need to learn how to handle that and how to manage disease.

Even though this program was announced more than a year ago, the idea has not faded and if enough support comes through, travel to Mars will no longer be something we see in movies, but an alternative living arrangement that, for a while until costs drop, only the rich will be able to consider. The people who are picked for the first mission will not have to foot the bill for anything, except the $38 dollars needed for the application fee. So whether or not you think sending a group of people over to Mars to colonize it is a good idea, you can at least follow them along from the comfort of your home to watch what happens.

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Is your life an adventure? Compare it to this guy and see

A guy by the name of Lee Thompson was able to convince the tourist department of Brazil to let him scale the statue of Christ the Redeemer in order to capture one of the most amazing selfies ever. He went up on top, and took several different photos before coming back down.

His photos have since been seen million times over. So the question becomes, if your life is not an adventure, when does it become one?

Go out and explore and go on adventure. If you have no tie downs, use your weekends to take mini trips. Check travel sites for last minute book deals that you can snag for less than a hundred bucks.

Look at his Selfies Here