Networking Events

In order to run a business you need contacts
Any event that allows you to expand your network should never be ignored.
All links listed below have an open door policy for attending. No RSVP required
If you find an event that should be included on the page, or you have created your own weekly networking event, please send me the link and explanation in my contact form.

Austin Open Coffee Club

Refresh Austin

Texas Ranch Austin

Complete Texas Networks Austin Networking List
Be aware some of the links are no longer active.

Austin Woman’s Network

Networking Austin

North Austin Influences


Events Listed Below Require RSVP (Price might be included)

CoFounders Austin

Network After Work

Women’s Chamber of Commerce

Startup Grind


Austin Inventors and Entrepreneurs Association

Texas Freelance Association

Texas Association of Business

Co-Working Spaces & Accelators/Incubators in Austin

If you cannot find an event that interests you, create your own networking event:

Create a Salon – an event to bring smart and talented people together for dinner and mingle to discuss the issues of the day.
Step 1: Chose a day of the week when you are home and can host. Remember the point of the salon is a dinner party that challenges people’s thinking by sharing ideas.
Step 2: Create an event using social media and invite 3 to 8 friends over. Tell them it’s a potluck and to bring something. For smaller groups, offer to order two large pizzas and invite anyone interested.
Step 3: If your home is not an option, find a restaurant or library that will let you use their space for a lively discussion.
Step 4: Make sure you tell everyone who is attending that this is not a party but an opportunity to share ideas and challenge one another and network (The point of what a salon is all about.)
Step 5: Once everyone is together, pose a question (How to build a better school? What jobs will be around in twenty years? etc)
Step 6: After the event is over, ask everyone to create their own salon and invite people over. Then repeat the process all over again next week. Tell your guests they can bring to new guests.