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A Holiday Feast, Falling Oil Prices, Why Beauty is Subjective, and Farewell Colbert

In case you missed it last night Colbert had his last episode, many star-studded guests came on to bid him a farewell goodbye. It was very touching, for nine solid years he had one of the most influential shows on cable. He got (young) people to see the importance of voting, getting involved in your government at all levels, and being an active concerned citizen.

A Holiday Feast

Hopefully this does not remind you of what your family holiday feast looks like, a condescending figure sitting at the head of the table. All the animals you see in the video were rescue animals.

Are you having trouble understanding why Gas Prices are falling? Many people view the falling gas prices as a great opportuntity to save money while at the same time giving them more money to spend on the holiday season. The Colbert Report did a great piece explaining why oil prices are falling and what that means for other countries and industries around the world.

Learn what is happening to Oil Prices around the world
Why Saudis Decided Not to Prop up Oil Prices

U.S. Oil Producers Cut Rigs as Prices Drop

Thanks for the Laughs and Making Me Smarter Colbert, You will be Missed

The Last Episode of the Colbert Report

Learn how this woman got the media’s attention by sending in her photo to beauty editors all around the world asking them to make her look beautiful

Esther Honig
Esther is photoshopped in 25 different countries

Marie Ospina did the same thing recently and got the media’s attention as well. The idea was to find out how different countries view beauty and if they would do anything different with a photo she sent in. You will notice that some countries have a specific style of look they like and you will also see that some countries didn’t do anything to her pic except a few touches here and there.

What causes women to think like this? That answer is very easy to see when you watch the Dove Evolution video, which became a huge marketing success to show how the industry deals with beauty.