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If you plan on moving soon, pick these places as a destination

Moving to another city can be a challenge, especially if it is overseas. The biggest challenge though is figuring out where the best place to move would be. Most people move because of their job or family. For those that don’t really work for anyone in particular moving should be looked at as a global option. The only problem with that is there are too many cities to choose from so to make it easier to figure out the best place to move Forbes created a list of the most influential cities in the world. That is why you should think about one of the top ten places as an option for moving to.

The ratings of each city were based off a number of options in order to qualify. These are a few areas each city had to offer in order to be on the list
– Number of Foreign Direct Investments
– Number of Corporate Headquarters
– Variety of Business industries it dominates in
– Ease of Travel to and from other global cities
– How strong its financial services are
– Technology and Media Strength
– Racial Diversity

Some other areas that help influence the city rating are
– Legal System
– Judicial System
– How easy it is to start a business
– Strength of local public transportation

Top Ten Global Cities of Influence
1. London
2. New York
3. Paris
4. Singapore
5. Tokyo
6. Hong Kong
7. Dubai
8. Beijing
9. Sydney
10. San Francisco Bay Area

11. Los Angeles
12. Toronto

So if you happen to already live in one of those cities then you should get out more and explore what your city has to offer. I can guarantee that you can increase your social life by 100 fold easily. There are enough opportunities out there for you to find a way to start a business, get a job, or partner with someone to get something great started. You just need the know-how and proactive attitude to put yourself out there.

If none of those work then walking around your own city and exploring is the next best thing to do. You will run into different people (as long as your not shy to say hello) and see different events taking place. All you have to do is put yourself out there for the world to see and you will start to find your life taking on a whole new meaning.

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