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Merry Christmas! Enjoy The Goodies

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all those enjoying this wonderful day. Remember to share your joy with others and take in all that is around you. I found a couple of things to watch and read up on. Maybe your family finally got you what you’ve been needing this whole year or maybe you are making a change in your life that is needing more effort than usual, either way some of what I provide down below will help you in some way, I hope.

Many people love putting up Christmas Lights on their tree but not many go this far as Jon Wawra did when he set up his lights to dance to music. Every year he outdoes himself.

Maybe you missed the viral video of the Holderness family sitting about their PJs last year in their viral hit.

What Gifts are People Searching for
Google knows all the answers to what people are searching for during the holidays, a simple peek at google trends will tell you all about that but if you want to dive into different parts of the states then it might get a little harder to break it all down. Here is a chart that show you what all people have been looking for online in their areas.

Google Searches for the holidaysYou can click on the image to take you to the article to learn more about these results. This is a game a lot of people having been searching for as a gift.

Board Games for Business People
The holidays are a great time to celebrate time with friends, family, close loved ones, and others. The time is also great for playing board games. For anyone interested in getting into business, learning the skills necessary for running a business can be hard to pick up on if running a real one sounds too scary to try. These board games will help teach you how to negotiate, barter, make trades, grow a thick skin, and more. There is another board game that I have played that is great for learning as well, called Acquire which requires a number of skills in order to play. Here is a list of board games recommended by HBR in their article.

1. Morphology – A board game that requires large amounts of creativity in order to win by using objects to get your teammate to guess what it is you are trying to say.

2. Forbidden Island – This is a game that requires all players to work together to play against the board game and win. This was 2010 favorite game for Mensa players. The sister game is Forbidden Desert.

3. Extraodinaries – A game that requires you to come up with some unique ideas and designs within the confines of a studio for special circumstances. If creativity is something you struggle with then a game like this will help you over your problem.

4. Power Grid – This board games pits you against other players who are trying to create the best energy source for their customers. You have to decide if you want to invest in new energy sources or keeping building up the one you have. A great strategy game overall. There are many expansion packs for this game but if you want more of a challenge then Power Grid Deluxe is available.

Out of all these games I still prefer Axis and Allies: 1942 2nd Ed. because this game is all about pure strategy at a time in history when every move mattered. Thanks to Alan Turing and cracking the enigma code, with the help of women, during the war the war ended sooner than later. If you haven’t seen the movie The Imitation Game please make it a point to go watch it this holiday season, it comes out Christmas Day in theaters and it is an amazing movie to watch.

This board game will teach you geography, (war game) strategy, negotiating skills, and lots more. This game is probably a better teacher of WWII than most high school history classes. If board games are something you don’t have time for but you know you need to learn these skills than joining an improv class this coming year is a good way to start. It will teach you how to think on your feet, how to come up with situations and act according to the rules, and to always be prepared. I will be providing some information on this in class in Jan but also in the coming articles.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and all that I have provided for the year. If you are looking forward to more content then these are some of what I will be covering in the next year. As you know OPEC has flooded the market with oil causing prices, and many markets around the world, to crash. Prices for gas are expected to drop further in the coming year. The employment job market improved for some states and not so great for others, here you can visually see the difference measured by the size of the state relative to its employed labor force.

Merry Christmas to all and be safe and if you can offer a helping hand to someone in need, please do.

I thought I would end it by showing some Dogs opening presents presented by AFV and Christmas with Cats. Enjoy!